This page is an “EYE-OPENER” for every one who wishes to have a closer relationship with God.

These private and personal Conversations with God is what have kept me going through the years.  I have decided to share these with people of the world so they can see what it is all about to have a living relationship with God.  Some things are very private but i have promised to be honest to the point of no return at all cost.  And if it means that you are helped to understand WHAT  living relationship with God is, then it was all worth it.

I trust that You will enjoy these private moments from my life with the Lord that i was sharing in my Jesus Diary… it is taken from years of talking to the Lord about different things in life in particular.  I have ore than twenty Jesus-Diary Books in which i have written down things, and drawn things which i experienced.  There are Visions that i will share with the world; and there are Dreams i might share and interpret by Grace of God.  As i am sharing these private conversations with the Lord, i trust that you will understand what it takes from me to share this with you, so please be appreciative and do not mock the life i am living with God; neither my relationship with Him. I give God all the glory for the beautiful person He created… i might have disappointed Him in my life-time but i am still here, by His Grace.

This Jesus-Diary is sort of my testimony to what the Lord has done for me and what He is still going to do for me.  I put my trust wholly in Him… He is my deliverer, my fortress, my refuge, my stronghold and my friend.  He is the reason i am alive today, and i thank Him for this time in my life, as i see Him taking me into a deeper level of Grace.  My heart rejoices with the knowledge of what is coming, and what is to be, for it will be great, greater than i would ever be able to imagine.  I am sold out for Jesus and i am ready.  Let’s go, Holy Ghost!

JESUS DIARY 18 – Hotties or Coldies…

Many people walk in and out of your life… some stay for a season, and others are there for a fleet second, but most stay long-term by God’s Grace. May this story remind you how blessed you are to have had (and still do) friendships that last a life-time.

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JESUS DIARY 16 – Expectations and Disciples

EXPECTATIONS and DISCIPLES Today i want to share a piece with you that i wrote some years ago when i was old enough to realize what was going on around us.  May you be inspired by this piece to do the right thing: Pray! CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD Oh God what a world this...

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JESUS DIARY 15 – God’s amazing Love

Hi everyone, today i am asking a question to each and everyone of you - it is about your destiny?  ... but let me not say anything, just read the story! GOD’S AMAZING LOVE                                                                                            ...

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JESUS DIARY 14 – Life’s Merry-go-round

LIFE'S MERRY-GO-ROUND BOOK-READING by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa. A Story called "Life's Merry-Go-Round" from her latest Book called SOUL ENLIGHTENMENT, currently IN PRESS. I trust that you have enjoyed this reading by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa.  If you are interested in...

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JESUS DIARY 13 – Hungry Eyes

HUNGRY EYES… HI everyone, today i want to share with you a true story of what happened when we visited a Squatter Camp over Christmas time.  The story is the truth of what went through my mind as i was looking at these hopeless people... please read with an open ear...

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JESUS DIARY 12 – Dancing letters on paper

DANCING LETTERS ON PAPER CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD Oh my God, i long for your embrace, take me into your secret place; a night of bliss and embrace, throw over me Your Grace; times such as these make the world stand still, this is not just a decent thrill; Your Majesty...

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JESUS DIARY 10 – “Ruach” breath of God

"RUACH" BREATH OF LIFE  Dear all, this story will not mean much to men, because they could not possibly know what we go through as women when we have a child... but for ladies this story would make sense.  I hope that you would enjoy this story as much as i am...

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JESUS DIARY 9 – Amazing Grace in London Town

AMAZING GRACE IN LONDON TOWN Dear all, this true story is part of my Testimony of what the Lord has done for me in my life, in a time when i was lost and lonely, a drifting soul without Jesus.  May you be encouraged by this story to know that God will always be there...

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