Lovely Children of God, 

Please not that we are busy preparing for our Rayton Outreach, and there is much to do, which is why there has been 

little posts on the blog lately.  Our Rayton Outreach will be over soon and then we will start to Post many posts again.

We thank you for your lovely spirit of understanding. 




Good day all you beautiful children of God, 

First we thank you for your Patience with the few Posts currently, since we are working very hard to get our Web-site up and running, hence less time for the Blog nowadays. 

So, what is coming?  Let us tell you…….  

We have created the WEB-SITE for the church so that all the Church Items which is currently on the BLOG; can be moved to the Web-site; For instance Devotionals, Prayers, Did you Know?; Kingdom Treasures, Church Events, the Kingdom Bible College, Life Quotes, Bible Names and Characters, and all such things are moving to the Web-site…. everything that has to do with the Church will be moved over.  

And all Ps. Nomsa’ personal writings can remain on the Blog. This will be the following pages only:
Jesus Diary, Enlightenment Page, Uplifting Messages, Dream-books, and other Spiritual Books by Ps. Nomsa. 

From the beginning all the Church items and Ps. Nomsa’ writings was all together on the BLOG.  But now we are splitting them, so you can read her Personal stories on her BLOG alone; and if you want to read anything or see anything with regards to the Church, you can go into the TRT Church Web-site.

We trust you will understand why it was necessary to split the two different personalities, if we can call it as such.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  

We are hoping to Launch the Web-Site by the next week, so we can continue posting on the Web-site everything that has to do with the Church.

May God bless you. Shalom 

TRT Church





UPLIFTING MESSAGE 227 – Good Intentions


Good day beautiful people of God,

Good intentions… they are always there in the back of my mind… circling and circling… around and around they go – looking for opportunities to jump forward.  My mind plays “tricks” on me, i wonder what should i do… is it a good thing or a bad thing if i don’t do everything i planned for the day?  Nevertheless, let me share some thoughts with you – I am very happy that i have this characteristic (Endurance).  Without it i might have been a very boring person… ha ha ha ha…

But seriously, how does it happen that we always have good intentions to do things and then it doesn’t come through?  Am i the only one asking these questions?  I wake up in the mornings, thank the Lord for the fact that i am still alive; pray and read the Bible; get up, do the stuff in the bathroom, run to the kitchen for breakfast, then sit in “my chair” planning my day and have a whole list of things that i am going to do THIS DAY! These are the list i call “the Good Intention list”.  Because it is all there.  Like for instance, the planning for Teachings on YouTube – But before that can be done, i have to do my exercise first (35 minutes gone); then have a bathe (another 30 min gone!); do my hair and make-up, get dressed, hang Jewelry and do all the other “woman-like” things we do…. ha ha ha then run down to the studio to get the back-drop ready, hang curtains, put flowers down, get my Teaching ready, get the webcam in the right corners which can take anything from 2 minutes to 30 minutes or longer depending from which side i am standing or sitting; make sure the new fancy microphone is picking up the signal and my voice is clear……. aaah….. let me not bore you with the minor details, but alas, it takes me close to 3 hours to get ready to do one Video teaching….. you see where my time is running to?

And then i have to do a Bible Study for tomorrow’s teaching i have to do… and guess what, the phone does not stop ringing!  So, i have to be a “bad” person and let the phone ring for three hours to enable me to get to doing my Videos or they will just never be done, or i have to answer the phone and help everybody and forget about any videos being uploaded…. what a choice?  This is where the “good intentions” come in.  I ask you, do you always have good intentions?  I do, and then things just does not seem to work that way.  It is sad really, my whole day is planned for the 24 hrs that i have in a day.  Seriously! I have planned exact minutes for lunch and tea-time, exact minutes for reading the Bible, well, actually, i do a certain amount of Chapters per day no matter how long it takes.  Then there is an hour for worship and sometimes it happens that you get lost in worshiping God and then when you finally come out of the amazing presence you had with God, then 3 hours might be gone, for there is no time in the Kingdom,so you never can tell how long it is going to be. Other times you worship and after 10 minutes its over and you continue with the next item on your list for the day.

It is always a good intention to study God’s Word, the problem with this one is, when you finally get into the real deep revelation knowledge studies… it might take you longer than the hour or two you planned for that day, and you end up finishing an amazing study only at 9h00 at night, and you still had no supper, no visiting with anyone, no answering of calls, no nothing, and there is 39 whattsapp messages screaming at you from the phone! They don’t understand, you see?   What is really important? – For me, it’s just “you and God in His Word”.  So all “Good Intentions” go out the window when you start studying God’s Word anyway….. for if you are serious with God, you would not mind how long it took.  Capiche?  My intentions are so good when i decide today i am going to do the two bundles of washing that had been laying in the washing-basket and as soon as i start something happens…. ah, a plumbing problem maybe; or someone pitches up at church who need the Pastor immediately! Without making an appointment.  I can never get that?  How does it work?  Don’t you make an appointment when you want to see the doctor, and then you have to sit and wait for him anyway?  But not for Preachers, no, they just pitch up and you just have to be ready.  Don’t they realize that we, the same as the doctor, also have things planned during the day-time.  We also have schedules!

Or sometimes visitors (family or friends usually) pitch up without an arrangement and you must sit down, you must have tea and biscuits or some of the Milktart they brought you, and while your mind is still busy with God’s Word you have to give attention to carnal and worldly nonsense people talk about otherwise you are rude…. so forget about the washing… tomorrow is another day, right!  Yet, they don’t know, that tomorrow, i have other things to do, and by then, my washing needed to have been washed already!… You see, good intentions…. out the window!  And really, forgive me, but i am certainly not interested in what happened to this ones car; and what happened to the garden cleaner last week; or what happened to the wifi-router; or what happened at the shop between the young girl and the boss…..!  Is any of this information going to help me grow spiritually and be of benefit for me living in the Kingdom of God?  Nope…! So, forgive me if i do not want to sit down listening to who in the family did what again!

And while you are making food for yourself at 6hoo because you have planned a nice quiet evening just for yourself listening to some or other preacher to build yourself up spiritually, then the doorbell rings… or rather, the knock is on the door (don’t have a doorbell anymore, are they going out of fashion?)… anyway, so when you open the door, there is a family: husband, wife, and three children with barely any clothing and no shoes on their feet and they need a place to stay … sorry, when?  TONIGHT!  Are you serious….?  Or they will sleep in the street.  Now, of course that i cannot allow, because we are children of God and we need to help where we can, and so, i ran to the kitchen, switch off the food, forget about a quiet evening learning from another Preacher!  That “good intention” has just flown out the window with a turbo…!

I offer them a nice warm cup of coffee, and the children are so hungry so i quickly make a few sandwiches with peanut-butter (the quickest and easiest); and then i take my phone sitting with them in church, listen to the whole story of why they are in the position they are (because remember, we are a church and we must help.  So being good Samaritans, and always having good intentions, we have to try and get a place to stay for these people.  And after hundreds of phone calls, many promises, many questions, much endurance, and praying for the family, i must endure the hour waiting with them for someone to come and pick them up from church at 11:48 at night, while my stomach is growling at me because the food in the pot on the plate in the kitchen has now gone sour.  Oh why…? Why did i pour the coconut cream in the meat…..? Silly me!  Now of course the meat has gone hot and soggy, and not what i expected it to be.  And from frustration, you grab a piece of bread and throw the sour food for the dog, and when you are finally having a quiet cup of tea, knowing you did your best (good intentions!) to help a family not to sleep in the street that night, then it is 12:10 the next morning and your eyes are telling you there is no way i am going to read the Bible now, forget it!  An finally, when you switch the lights off and expect a good nights rest, it feels like a few minutes when you are rudely awakened by the phone next to the bed telling you that Mr. so and so has passed away at 3:59 in the morning…. and i sit there thinking….  Is it going to be rude if i asked them why them woke me up just to tell me that?  Will it sound like i don’t care, or will it make any difference to get this news now?  Could they not just have waited another 3 hours to give me the news and i could have had a good nights rest… i mean, forgive me for saying, but at 6hooam the next morning he will still be dead,  not so?  So why, oh why, wake me up at 3hooam to give me this news?.  And then i lie looking at the ceiling for the sleep has gone…. i am now already planning the Funeral Message in my head and praying for the family for strength during this time… aaah,  i might as well get up and make some coffee…..

So no matter who we are, how we live, what we do…. we might have the best intentions in the world to do something good, it does not always play out the way we want it.  While my son is now visiting from New York we spend some quality time together watching something he chose because he wants to show his mother what is happening in the show…. and all the while i am sitting here thinking: “I love you son, i really do, but i am just not interest in watching this nonsense!.  I am just not there anymore!”  So, i smile, i watch him enjoy the show, i laugh at his “young-ness of heart” and i endure because i love him! So good intentions, all in all, not wanting to offend my only Son who is visiting for a short while, i have to endure spending time doing something i do not enjoy… but thinking.  Yes, Nomsa, God has really given you a character of patience.  Endure the thing and make your son happy, and one day he can brag to his friends what an awesome, cool mom he has because she sat watching “that stuff” with you!… even though in my mind i was praying to God all the time that this stuff must end quickly so i can get back to His Word… and while not giving all my attention to such nonsense my son smiles and feels he has conquered a mountain by getting his mother to sit down and spend quality time with him, because isn’t that what love is?  Enduring the things you do not enjoy, for the sake of your loved ones, so they could be happy…. good intentions, i think, yes?

For some people, reading my encouragement  might make them think that i am complaining about the things i do and the things that happens to me, but alas not.  I am so blessed beyond measure, but sometimes, just sometimes, the “good intentions” has to be pushed to the background and you have to force yourself to endure and persevere because God has given you strength to overcome all good things.  And while you are going through a trial or a temptation, you have to keep smiling because somewhere out there; are people going through worst things than you.  And maybe you don’t know it, and you don’t care, but i believe it is really important to keep a balance in everything and no matter what you do, just keep your sense of “good intentions” because you never know when it might come in “handy” for the benefit of helping someone else.  So all in all i am encouraging you today, to keep going, keep stretching; keep moving; keep smiling… have your “good intentions” ready for the use of someone else who might need it urgently.  And then, at the end of it all, when you have succeeded in helping someone come out of a bad situation, and you talk to the Lord, and He says: Well done, my good and Faithful servant”, then you know, it was ..oh, so good!  Those “intentions” need to be at the top of your heart to dish out to those who are in need at any moment.  Never forget, for some, you might be the ONLY Bible they will ever read… so, keep your “good intentions” flowing from your heart…. no matter how difficult it sometimes seem…..


Ps. Nomsa 









UPLIFTING MESSAGE 226 – Standing “times” and flying “times”



Good day beautiful people of God, 

Have you ever felt like you are in a situation; or busy with a specific thing, and it feels like the time is just not moving on; almost as if the time is standing still?  I am sure most of you have been in situations like those before. 

I recall when my son was about to be born… now let me tell you, if ever…. and i mean “if ever” i wished the times should run and not tick it would have been that day.  I was so excited to see my son.  I did not even think about the fact that i knew my life was about to change drastically; and also that it would never be the same again. Somehow i believe that all women feel that way just before they give birth, especially to the firstborn.  After the first one you are already through it, so i think the second and third might come more easily, though i think the pain remains the same through-out, with every new birth.  

  Like this scenario there are many such incidents where i have heard people say, “oh, if the time will just pass by and we can get out of this thing”.  Most of the time people want to rush time because they are in uncomfortable situations and they might not know how to deal with the thing.  Other times it is just because people are really tired of something and the best way for them to get out of it, is if the time seemed to “fly”… almost as if they believe, that it would make the situation “better”…  but really, if you are in a difficult situation, it is not the “time issue” that would make it better.  Although there can be instances where it would be a factor.  The visa versa is also true. Sometimes people do not want the time to go so quickly.

I have found that when people are happy, prospering, wealthy, and in love then most of the time they do not want it to end.  But time waits for no-one and it is impossible for us to put it in a bottle, or lock it up somewhere and forget about it… because every new morning is a reminder to us that time is really not standing still and that we have to make the best of the time we have in every day.  Someone else said the other day that they have wasted so many years of their lives waiting for someone to change – and now their live is over.  I told her that she should never have done that, because no-one can change a person, except God alone. 

There is also another time when i felt like the day is passing too quickly and i wanted the time to stand still.  This was my wedding day.  I looked like a princes and realized i was not Daddy’s “little girl” anymore. I didn’t act like a girl and neither did i look it.  In fact, i looked like a model and i felt like a queen.  My new Husband was – oh, so handsome in his black suite and his pitch-black hair and dark brown caramel-eyes… he was a keeper, this one!  Those was one of the days i did not want time to continue.  I wanted it to stop and just be there until i felt that i had enough…. which could have been “forever” as i felt like we would be together forever and never be apart and i did not want it to end. Ever!

But life has a way of playing games with you and soon you realize time is not what you thought.  One day you are thirty-something and trying your best to do something in life, and the next moment when you wash you face and open your eyes you have stepped over the fifty-something mark and little teenagers start calling you “antie”… must tell you, i almost “flipped” when this woman called me “Antie” and i bet she was not even ten years younger than me.  How ridiculous does that sound… hey, Antie? 

Needles to say, suddenly i felt “olde”… not just “old”, but “Olde” as if it will put an explanation on the fact that we are getting older.  It is true what a friend of mine said many years ago:  Everybody wants to live long, but no-one wants to get old”.  Isn’t that so true.  I feel like i am just starting my yourney in life, and my son look at me like i am “over the wall…” seriously.  “Mom, you are getting older”…. like i do not know this very fact and dread it.  Nobody wants to be reminded that they are getting older… sons and daughters, do not tell your parents they are “over the wall” or “old”…  don’t even make a joke and say they are “dinosaurs’… i tell you, it will not go down softly….

So as i sit here contemplating what to tell you; to make it easier for those who still want a few years in this life, i can only say: they best way to make sure that you enjoy every single moment of the “time” you still have left here on earth, is to make sure you are spending it with Jesus.  He will help you forget that time is flying by, and the visa versa is also true.  If you are in a sick-bed and cannot get up anymore, He will make it more easy for you to accept and might even help you endure the time that feels as if it is creeping slowly because the days are long when you are alone.   He will help you persevere through the time that is going so slowly… Anyway, when you spend time with Jesus, time really is not an issue, and it might feel like it is “flying” too quickly when in fact others think time is on a tortoise-crawl…

so, whether you are praying that time stands still or that time flies… whatever it might be, lets make the best of it.  Let’s take those few minutes or hours and smile, laugh, be happy, enjoy friendships, listen to your family, pray.. pray… and pray…. you will be amazed to find how quickly times flies when you are really praying and spending quality time with God.  Once i was in separation for seven days, and it felt like i had one hour with God.  Another time i was praying for about four (4) hours, and it felt like i was with God for days on end…. there REALLY is no time in Heaven in His Kingdom while we are here on earth.  

So my prayer for you today is that you would spend your time wisely.  Until next “time”…. shalom

Psa 27:4 One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and [insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple. 
Psa 27:5 For in the day of trouble He will hide me in His shelter; in the secret place of His tent will He hide me; He will set me high upon a rock. Psa 27:6 And now shall my head be lifted up above my enemies round about me; in His tent I will offer sacrifices and shouting of joy; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord. 

Ps. Nomsa…  enjoying time with you.











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The best essay will be the winner, and will be announced at the end of November 2019; on the last Sunday of November. 
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