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All credits for this short teaching must go to the Author who wrote this script; and the Producers of this movie “The Scorpion King”, who wrote this piece in this movie. It is easy for me to use short pieces like these from worldly movies to teach about Gods Kingdom but really all the glory must go to God the Father, and the credits must go to the Writer and Producers of this movie.  Thank you for this brilliant movie, we enjoyed it tremendously. May God Bless you!

KINGDOM TREASURES 12 – Promise of Five Days and a Half


AUDIO READING by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa – Credits to the Authors of the Book called “The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden”;
ISBN 0-529-02061-0; LB Press.

RESEARCH done by Ps. Nomsa:

God is a God of Promises… He promised Adam that him and his seed will be saved by the “Word” (which refers to Jesus Christ, the Word of God)….

Ask yourself the question… was Jesus in the Garden with God the Father and the Holy Spirit when Adam and Eve was created?  The answer is YES.  See Gen 1:26-28

Gen 1:26-28Let US (Father, Son, Holy Spirit – three in one bodily Godhead) make men unto our own image,and likeness…..

Here we can see the the fullness of the bodily Godhead (Col 2:9-10) appeared in the Garden at the time o the Creation. 

So, if Jesus was also in the Garden while they were being Created….. did Adam and Eve receive Salvation according to a Covenant promise from God? …even after their fall in sin?

Was there a promise that the “Word (Jesus), the Messiah, would SAVE THEM?  

Let us have a look at Hos 6:7 “Like Adam they transgressed the covenant” .  This gives us the idea that God had a Covenant with Adam also.

Credits Research:

God “took Adam and put him in the garden of Eden, to tend and keep it” (Gen 1:29, 2:8,15). So God appointed Adam a place and an occupation.

“For in the day you eat of it, you shall surely die” (Gen 2:16-17).

  • God said, “It is not good that man should be alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him” (Genesis 2:18). God made a woman and decreed that “a man shall be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh” (Gen 2:24).
  • God created Adam and Eve uniquely in God’s own image, and he called them “mankind’ He commanded them to ” be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over… every living thing” (Gen 1:27-28, 5:1-2).
  • God foretold and promised that the seed (a descendant) of the woman would bruise the serpent’s head and the serpent would bruise his heel (Genesis 3:15). This is thought, with good reason, to be the first Messianic promise —a promise that, although Satan would cause Christ to suffer, Christ would conquer Satan.
  • God said to Adam, “You are dust, and to dust you shall return” (Gen 3:19).
  • God said to Eve, “Your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you” (Gen 3:10).
  • “God made tunics of skin and clothed them” (Gen 3:21). It is thought, with good reason, that this meant that God killed animals to obtain the skins, and so made the first sacrifice of flesh and blood for sins, and this foreshadowed the sacrifice of Christ.

You can see from the above that God decreed several things for Adam to honor and obey. Adam’s spiritual life, through fellowship with God, depended on Adam’s respect for God’s laws. There were punishments for transgressions and disobedience, and of course rewards for faithful obedience. What you see in the list is very strong evidence that God made a covenant with Adam.

(Hos 6:7).  The absence of the word “covenant”, in the biblical record of God’s dealings with Adam, may seem curious. However it does not really mean that no covenant existed. We see, in Gods dealings with Adam, and other patriarchs before the flood, all the indications of a covenant in force.

In the Bible, a covenant between God and human beings is observed to be a set of promises made by God. The covenant may include laws and conditions, rewards and punishments. The offering of a sacrifice may be required. Such a covenant can come from God directly, or through a mediator.

Did God make promises to Adam, make laws for him to obey, and decree rewards and punishments? Did the laws include offerings and sacrifices? If so, then God made a covenant with Adam.


KINGDOM TREASURES 10 – Adam & Eve in the Cave of Treasures


AUDIO READING by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa – Credits to the Authors of the Book called “The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden”;
ISBN 0-529-02061-0; LB Press.
Gen 3:23 Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. Gen 3:24  So [God] drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the Garden of Eden the cherubim and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep and guard the way to the tree of life. 

The Cave of Treasures was introduced to the world by Giuseppe Simone Assemani, the author of the Catalogues of Oriental Manuscripts in the Vatican Library, which he printed in Bibliotheca Orientalis in four thick volumes folio. In Vol. ii. page 498 he describes a Syriac manuscript containing a series of apocryphal works, and among them is one the title of which he translates Spelunca Thesaurorum. He saw that the manuscript contained the history of 5,500 years, from the creation of Adam to the birth of Christ, and that it was based upon the Scriptures. He says that fables are found in it everywhere, especially concerning the antediluvian Patriarchs, and the genealogy of Christ and His Mother. He mentions that the Patriarch Eutychius also describes a cave of treasures in which gold, frankincense, and myrrh were laid up, and refers to the “portentosa feminarum nomina,” women of Jesus’ ancestry. No attempt was made to publish the Syriac text; in fact, little attention was paid to it until August Dillmann began to study the Conflict of Adam and Eve in connection with it, and then he showed in Ewald‘s Jahrbüchern (Bd. V. 1853) that the contents of whole sections of the Book of the Cave of Treasures in Syriac and the Conflict of Adam and Eve in Ethiopic were identical. And soon after this, Dillmann and others noticed that an Arabic manuscript in the Vatican (No. XXXIX; see Assemânî, Bibl. Orient. i. page 281) contained a version of the Cave of Treasures, which had clearly been made from the Syriac. In 1883 Carl Bezold published a translation of the Syriac text of the “Cave of Treasures” made from three manuscripts (Die Schatzhöhle, Leipzig, 1883), and five years later published the Syriac text of it, accompanied by the text of the Arabic version. Some passages from the Cave of Treasures are also found in the Coptic Enconium of Mary Magdalene of Pseudo-Cyril.

2) Marquis, Christine Luckritz (2016). “An Enconium of Mary Magdalene: A new translation and introduction”.
In Landau, B. (ed.). New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures1. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. p. 197. ISBN 978-0-8028-7289-0.

KINGDOM TREASURES 9 – Daniel in the Lion’s Den


These Kingdom Treasure are short “Conversations with God” regarding His Word and the people in His Word.  I hope this makes you think and give you a desire to study God’s Word more and more to get the truths!  Shalom.

Dan 6:9  So King Darius signed the writing and the decree. 
Dan 6:10  Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house, and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he got down upon his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as he had done previously. [Psa 5:7] 
Dan 6:11  Then these men came thronging [by agreement] and found Daniel praying and making supplication before his God. 
Dan 6:12  Then they came near and said before the king concerning his prohibitory decree, Have you not signed an edict that any man who shall make a petition to any god or man within thirty days, except of you, O king, shall be cast into the den of lions? The king answered and said, The thing is true, according to the law of the Medes and Persians, which cannot be changed or repealed. 
Dan 6:13  Then they said before the king, That Daniel, who is one of the exiles from Judah, does not regard or pay any attention to you, O king, or to the decree that you have signed, but makes his petition three times a day. 
Dan 6:14  Then the king, when he heard these words, was much distressed [over what he had done] and set his mind on Daniel to deliver him; and he labored until the sun went down to rescue him. 
Dan 6:15  Then these same men came thronging [by agreement] to the king and said, Know, O king, that it is a law of the Medes and Persians that no decree or statute which the king establishes may be changed or repealed. 
Dan 6:16  Then the king commanded, and Daniel was brought and cast into the den of lions. The king said to Daniel, May your God, Whom you are serving continually, deliver you! 
Dan 6:17  And a stone was brought and laid upon the mouth of the den, and the king sealed it with his own signet and with the signet of his lords, that there might be no change of purpose concerning Daniel. 
Dan 6:18  Then the king went to his palace and passed the night fasting, neither were instruments of music or dancing girls brought before him; and his sleep fled from him. 
Dan 6:19  Then the king arose very early in the morning and went in haste to the den of lions. 
Dan 6:20  And when he came to the den and to Daniel, he cried out in a voice of anguish. The king said to Daniel, O Daniel, servant of the living God, is your God, Whom you serve continually, able to deliver you from the lions? 
Dan 6:21  Then Daniel said to the king, O king, live forever! 
Dan 6:22  My God has sent His angel and has shut the lions’ mouths so that they have not hurt me, because I was found innocent and blameless before Him; and also before you, O king, [as you very well know] I have done no harm or wrong. 
Dan 6:23  Then the king was exceedingly glad and commanded that Daniel should be taken up out of the den. So Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no hurt of any kind was found on him because he believed in (relied on, adhered to, and trusted in) his God. 
Dan 6:24  And the king commanded, and those men who had accused Daniel were brought and cast into the den of lions, they, their children, and their wives; and before they ever reached the bottom of the den, the lions had overpowered them and had broken their bones in pieces. 
Dan 6:25  Then King Darius wrote to all peoples, nations, and languages [in his realm] that dwelt in all the earth: May peace be multiplied to you! 
Dan 6:26  I make a decree that in all my royal dominion men must tremble and fear before the God of Daniel, for He is the living God, enduring and steadfast forever, and His kingdom shall not be destroyed and His dominion shall be even to the end [of the world]. 
Dan 6:27  He is a Savior and Deliverer, and He works signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth–He Who has delivered Daniel from the power of the lions. 
Dan 6:28  So this [man] Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian. 


KINGDOM TREASURES 8 – Mary, mother of Jesus





Today i am thinking about Mary, the mother of Jesus.  How did she react when she realized she was pregnant and not been with a man…. how did she feel when she knew they are going to crucify her Holy Spirit given child?  How did she treat him?- like a normal child or maybe different knowing that He was the chosen One? Are there still Angels like Gabriel who come and give personal messages to children of God? How long did Mary live after Jesus was Resurrected? When did she die and from what?…..