ENLIGHTENMENT 8 – Blessed Parents

Good day everyone,

Most of my “Enlightenment stories” is teachings from movies, but today i just had it in my heart to publish this one i wrote about a year ago (October 12th, 2018) regarding my parents.  May you be blessed as you read and be reminded how blessed you are with your parents.


Today was a good day and i am so fortunate to tell you why – you see, i am so blessed to still have my mom and dad in my life.  Today was my Mom’s birthday and she celebrated her 73rd; and my dad had his 77th birthday in August this year.  God is so amazing that He blessed me to have my parents for such a long time.

I was thinking that it is so sad that we often do not realize the amazing huge part our parents play in our lives, until we are grown-ups; more matured; and almost hitting the fifty’s… then suddenly we realize what life is all about and it is such a relief to be able to understand it…. and funny enough (or sadly – whichever you choose!) this only happens when little grey hairs start to decorate the sides of our faces… ha ha ha …

You see we all start at the same place, little cute babies (because let’s face it, God never made an ugly baby!)… then the first real life memory we have of ourselves is probably just before or at the beginning of our school years… and then it is a long journey of 10-12 years depending on where you go to school; what you learn about life, people, knowledge of the world and different cultures, different places, and nature; even Bible stories and healthy foods and how the body works… among other interesting things.  But really nothing in those school years prepare you for the first few steps of the adult life when you leave your parent’s house to go and live on your own (because you are now a grown-up, right?)… and this is where things sometimes go horribly wrong for some!

For others, they are fortunate to go to University, others do some College studies, or maybe get a good and stable work, or find the (almost) perfect career – and if you really search hard, you might even end up with the most amazing woman or man and think life is great.  The next steps are getting together, some even staying together, having the engagement party and then there is of course, the wedding!  After this, without a doubt, the children come and you start sharing your life and the life you chose with someone that came from you, whether you were ready or not…!  The children grow and before you know it, they are leaving school and starting their own lives, and for the first time in your life, there is an emptiness that makes you feel lonely even while your husband or wife is holding you at night….

Nobody ever prepares you for parenthood and what it will do for you, but if you were fortunate enough to have had wonderful parents as i have, they will try their best to give you a glimpse of what life will be for you when you grow up, and even if it is not at all the way they explained it, later years you will understand what they were trying to do.  Because through everything, through the break-ups and make-up’s; the hard-ships; and the fun-times; through the sick times, and the poor times; even through the rebellious times, the learning times, the run-away days; and the hiking in Tibet- summer’s… through all of it, in the back of your mind you always have the assurance that your parents are there for you, no matter what.

And then, when you have your own children, you wonder if they will understand what you learnt only at a ripened age, which is that parents are irreplaceable… whether they are good or bad has nothing to do with it.  Whether you have seen them today, or not seen them in ten years; whether you laughed with them yesterday, or fought with them four years ago… still, they are your parents.  And nothing in this world is as valuable as having parents that care for you and only want the best for you.  And having said that, i am not meaning that they need to be rich to give you what they want, because i have seen poor parents give everything they had so that they child can go to College and have a better life than what they had… some would go to bed hungry so that their child could eat… and that never meant that they were poor… it speaks about the character – and what can beat that? – a parent giving their last slice of bread for a hungry child?

My parents was always there for us… well, make no mistakes, we also had our ups-and-downs but like a normal family, there were wonderful holiday’s; exciting school-years, sports, hobbies, hard work on week-ends, enjoying each other’s personalities – but then there were also harsh words, unnecessary outbursts, dim-witty suggestions, judgmental pointing of fingers, maybe a jealous period or a walking away due to madness in a moment of outrage… but what is seen when i look back at my life is that my parents were always there to catch me when i fell.  When my husband died from cancer there were misunderstandings about who would carry the coffin, but when the moment of truth came, they were right beside me holding my hand to share my pain.   And maybe after that i did not see them for a while, but i understood they were giving me space to overcome this thing that happened so suddenly in my life, shattering my dreams of a good and bright future with the love of my life.

When i think of all the times in my life i needed them, they were there.  There is not one, really, not one time they were not available for support, help, encouragement, or anything else we needed. So today, as this day is coming to a close, i want to encourage you to pick up the phone and speak to your parents, maybe thank them that they are in your life.  Thank them for what they have done for you.  If they are close, go and hug them, because you do not know if they will be there tomorrow…?

Today’s encouragement is for you to go and say “Thank you to your parents” for what they have done for you in your life.  And for thanking the Lord that He has blessed you with wonderful parents, which maybe, we did not appreciate enough until it was too late.  I pray that you might understand the sacrifices your parents made from the moment you were born till the moment they closed their eyes, or even now, while they are still looking at you every day….   

Let me say THANK YOU, mom and dad for who you are, and for who you helped me to become….

Eph 6:1 CHILDREN, OBEY your parents in the Lord [as His representatives], for this is just and right.

Col 3:20 Children, obey your parents in everything, for this is pleasing to the Lord.

ENLIGHTENMENT 7 – Your’e not welcome, Joe Black


Many years ago I watched a wonderful movie called “Joe Black” about the Spirit of Death (played by Brad Pitt) who wanted to experience a “tour of life” on earth before doing his “job”; which was to fetch the millionaire (Prov 11:4) Bill Parish (played by Anthony Hopkins) to another dimension… away from earth.  I was mostly intrigued by this movie because sometimes I think movie-makers don’t even realize how close they come to the truth about the spiritual world when they produce movies.  For you to understand what I am teaching through these stories, you really need to give a lot of special attention to every word they say in the movie.  And listen with your spiritual ear!  Let me just give you the truth upfront, YES, THERE IS A SPIRIT OF DEATH lurking around the earth realm!  And Jesus Christ is the only One who can save you from that spirit of untimely death – Psa 68:20.

The part played by Brad Pitt as the death-spirit is brilliantly done, especially in the way he played with the tones in his voice.  Then he is arrogant, then he is soft-spoken, then he is in love with a worldly woman and you hear the voice changes.  Then he speaks to Bill and warns him aggressively; then he becomes sarcastic with Drew.  In the beginning he was humoristic when he met Susan in the coffee shop.  Then he speaks to another lady in hospital in her way; and later we find him speaking with love and respect to Quince.  Thumbs up for Brad Pitt in this movie; he really did a good job according to my humble opinion.   Then we get to Bill Parish, or might I say, the well-known Anthony Hopkins, another actor not to be taken lightly.  He plays this part so well fitting into the lifestyle of the tycoon Bill Parrish that I thought he might have been used to this kind of life-style.  Maybe he is…?  But brilliant acting!

The movie starts where Bill wakes up during the night, feeling pain in his chest, and he lifts his arm, thinking he is having a heart-attack.  Of course, he hears a voice saying “Yes”… and again…”Yes”… eventually he climbs in bed again but instinctively knew something is wrong.  So many times in life we hear God speaking to us but we ignore the voice, because we don’t know… I like the way in which they wrote this story, it is very cleverly written and almost border on real facts regarding our relationship with God in Heaven.  We can also speak to God every day, even in night-time and He can speak to us so that we can hear Him with our physical ears.  But how many people in the world really know God’s voice…?

Bill loves his youngest daughter and was busy explaining to her what love should be like, and I particularly adore the piece in the helicopter ride as they were discussing love… He said love is passion and obsession, something you cannot live without.  “Be deliriously happy” he advises his daughter, and then follow it up with “Dance with passion, sing with rapture… fall head over heels – find someone who will make you happy, and love you back!”  Well, I think the thing that came to my mind as I heard this was: I already found someone who makes me happy, Jesus does!  He is my husband! But I guess not many people in the world would really understand what I am saying here…

The father continues to say: “Honey, there is no sense to your life without it (love).  To make your journey and not fall in love, you haven’t lived at all…”  I found that quite amazing and tend to agree with the writer of this story.  Love is very important.  It is very important to tell your family and friends from time to time that you love them… and also your enemies (yes!).  We can see that the father is not happy with her relationship with Drew.  He tells her that she should wait for love to happen… it must be like “lightning”… he told her to have passion, to dance, to stay open and who knows, lightning could strike.  He was saying to his daughter:  I want you to levitate, sing with joy, and dance… that is love!  When I heard this I smiled because I know from studying God’s Word; that the lightning we see in the Heavens is God’s voice; and we also know that God is love… therefore if you put the two together, you will realize that when God speaks to you, you will experience true love!  God’s voice is lightning – just as Bill told his daughter Susan, I want to tell you today to wait upon the voice of God; I want you to levitate, sing with rapture, and dance like a dervish. .. be swept away… (to quote the writer of this story).

The next moment we find ourselves in a Coffee Shop where a very attractive young man meets Susan and a question arises: “Are you a one-girl guy”?  If I could have had a penny for every time a girl asked that to a man, I might have been rich by now.  Almost all my friends, one time or other in their lives, asked the same question and no matter how many promises they got at the time, I saw them one by one be disappointed… but let us get back to the story.  One can almost feel the spark (lightning!) between the two actors as they drink coffee together, first the sugar, then the milk…. Both in the same way and then they laugh.  It is taking me back to the Kingdom, and I wonder if I had the opportunity to drink coffee with Jesus today, He probably would have done things in the way I like them… such is His heart.  Aaah… the thought to be with Jesus in this plastic world we live in… it’s probably better to visit in His world, in His Kingdom, than to stay here all the time.  Almost like the Matrix; but wait, I will do that story another time!

As they leave the Coffee-shop you see the urge they both have, to get to know each other better, but they don’t… and fate steps into a movie created by a brilliant mind.  The Death-Spirit who just arrived in town, kills this attractive man and takes over his body (2 Cor 5:1) by killing him with a car while crossing over the road, as he was looking over his shoulder to the beautiful woman.  Now for many people this might seem like a lot of nonsense and would say, well, it is only a story, an imagination from another Author.  But clearly, you do not understand the spiritual world, if that is what you believe.

Spirits are real and they do things in the spiritual dimension.  They have a “Job description”; and their job description is to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY as the Bible of God’s Word teaches us in Joh 10:10.  The devil is the one who will try to kill you before you can get to Jesus.  The devil is the one who will steal from you as much as he can so that you can say God does not answer prayers.  The devil is the one who will try to destroy you before you become a witness to Jesus.  Really, do you think the car accident you almost had a few times now, was just co-incidence… the “force” you felt that moved you away from the approaching car was just “luck”.  No, my friend, God has been watching over you from before you were born.  In fact, He formed you in your mother’s womb (Psa 139); and every time the devil tried to kill you, He made sure that you were safe; even while you were still a sinner, because He loves you.  You are His creation, and he loves you, irrespective of what you have done in your life.  He hates the sin, but he loves you!

The movie portrays Brad Pitt as the Death-Spirit (Hos 13:14) who enters into a young man’s body… with an attractive “suit” (flesh & looks) because the Death Spirit saw a young woman who were interested in a man who looked attractive.  But before we continue, let me ask you another question.  Do you really think when your house suddenly flooded with water, that it was coincidence because of much rain?  No, my friend, again, it was the devil trying to steal from you what you possess.  He does not want you to succeed and live a good life, he is a devil, get it!  Let’s move on from here.  Do you think that sickness in your body just popped out because of the way you live your life… No!  Again, it is the devil that tries to put sicknesses on people, he wants to try and destroy you.  Of course, you should notice by now, that I say, he is TRYING to destroy you.  Truth is that if God has a plan and purpose for your life, He is the One who has protected you all these years.  He protected you from the onslaught of the devil, because He wants you to do something great for His Kingdom.  Yes, this is the amazing God that we serve.  God is the Healer, and not the sickness-giver, that one is the devil!  Even while you were a sinner, He loved and protected you.  When has Buddha, or Hare Krishna or a Cow from India ever protected you from any harm that the devil tried to put on you?   I rest my case!

The story enfolds when Joe Black (the death-spirit) makes his appearance in the life of the wealthy tycoon not realizing he has a beautiful daughter; who happened to be the woman who met the attractive man (who’s body the death-spirit  had taken over).   After realizing who she is, the death-spirit decides to take a few months on earth before returning with the “unwilling’ Father because he wanted to get to know what life on earth is all about.  Being a death-spirit he lives in the spiritual realm, he can be “unseen” and can make himself be seen by others, like the part in the movie where he allows the old woman in the sick-bed to see him for the spirit that he is.  She thought he was coming to fetch her, but when he assures her that he is not there for her, she seems upset and asks him to take her away also.  At first he did not want to, because this was not his job for the time being, so he leaves her waiting, but he did take her pain away and as he leaves her side he whispers “soon…”  What I found so amusing about this part is that he can talk in any dialect or language and adapts to the person here on earth, as it is portrayed in “Meet Joe Black”.  This was refreshingly interesting and I can imagine real Angels from God to be able to do the same, as we notice in the Word of God that the Messenger Gabriel spoke to people in their native language.  Angels can talk to you… and while we are on the subject:  for young converts – when you see the word angel in the bible with small caps, it is an angel.  But when you see Angel in God’s Word with a capital letter, this is God Himself.  But let us get back to the story.

Throughout the story we see the elder daughter trying to impress the father with everything she is doing for his 65th birthday party, and he is not bothered much.  We see her trying to satisfy his every need and almost asking for his approval even though she could probably do it all by herself.  It is during this conversation at the table when Bill hears the same voice of the night before saying to him that he is at the front door, and that he must invite him in.  I thought about this for a moment.  It’s like Jesus who would be plucking at your heart for years on end, but cannot enter within unless you invite Him in.  There is another place in the story where Joe also says: “Invite me in”… leaving us to believe in the story that death-spirits cannot move into your live unless you invite them in.  And how true this statement is!  Only you can make a decision to live or die.  God said: I give you live and death, choose how you will live? Choose life, so that you may live in abundance! (Deut 30:19).  You can chose to receive the death-spirit in your life by what you confess in your mouth.  May I therefore caution you not to speak negative things over your life!  Speak good, positive uplifting things over yourself. Speak life!

I also notice how Quince try to encourage his wife every time she tried to do something for the father… now there is a good man.  He might not have the looks, but his heart is in the right place, and that is really what every woman wants out there!  As Bill enters into the Library he talks to the voice from who he still didn’t have a clue who it was, and then he sees a spirit glowing in front of him, and realize, this is serious, not time to play around though he still keeps his wits about him.  He looks frustrated, and curious at the same time, though he knows that something is going on especially after he almost has another heart-attack in the Library.  Finally the death-spirit reveals himself in human form to Bill (having borrowed the physical body from the young man from earlier) and he appears before Bill.  I quite enjoy the conversation between the two especially after he asks Bill if he “blends in” here on earth?   He came for curiosity, he says; also the “everlasting being of the existence came to see Bill”…. very interesting thought.  I can imagine how you would feel right now if God stand’s before you and say that He came to have a discussion with you, and ask you to be His guide… to show Him around YOUR world… now wouldn’t that be something!  What would you show Him, I wonder?  Would you try to hide the bottles and bottles of liquor in the kitchen cabinet; or would you try and hide the fact that you spend your nights drinking pills and sleeping around…. What about your life would you show to the Heavenly Father if He was with you right now?  Which part of your life will you share, and which part will you want to hide?

Finally Bill realizes that the death-spirit is standing in front of him after he showed him his true form.  Almost like a real person here on earth that see black shadows lurking in their bedroom at night… yes, these spirits exist and they are real. After being introduced to his family as “Joe Black” things start enfolding slowly but surely.  What really caught my attention is that Joe Black offered Drew a basket of bread, almost like Jesus offering you to accept the “Bread of Life” (Jesus) into his life.  But Drew did not understand, I mean, how could he?  He was so full of himself and so self-centred.  Joe Black of course knew that Drew was not saved; but Bill was, because during the movie, Bill talks about God.  And the death-spirit operates in obedience to God’s bidding…! Yes, in real life too!  God created everything and everyone, even the destroyer was created by God – see Isa 54:16.

The movie highlights these little bits of humour from time to time like when Bill showed Joe his room, and bed, and Joe sits on the bed (probably for a first time) as you can see it is not something he is used to.  We know of course that a real spirit does not need a bed to sleep in, and God is a spirit, we worship Him in spirit and truth (Jon 4:24).  But here on earth, Joe took the physical body of a person who was probably lying in a hospital somewhere in a coma… (and I would have liked it if they put that in the movie, because later he returned and nobody knew where he came from).  So we see Joe is now operating through a physical body, and he needs to get used to earthly things like sleeping on a bed, putting on a tie, and even eating peanut-butter.  The story is really one of those that can make your mind wonder about the spiritual Kingdom of God, and how Angels operate!

The very clever slogan which is used during a meeting with the board really made me laugh when Drew spoke about “nothing in life is sure, but death and taxes”… I chuckled up like a little girl enjoying the face of Joe when he knew already what to do to teach the sly and cunning Drew a lesson in life.  Drew did not realize that the death-spirit was sitting a few feet away from him.  How ridiculously funny!  So many times in life I feel like an Angel was in the room with me when I prayed for someone and sometimes it was confirmed… they walk among us! Yes they do!  It was intriguing to follow the sly and cunning young man (Drew) who tried to steal the company from under Bill’s nose, by using his own son-in-law Quince.  We find these types all over the world, I suppose.  Unaware of the fact that Joe Black is a death-spirit this young man continues with his plan to steal the company and make Quince pay for it.  Drew was a real Jackal in sheep’s clothing, don’t you think? I also think the actor they used for this part was excellent.  Did you see how surprise he was when Joe Black told him that he cheated to get his diploma?… even in movies, it seems, you can’t hide anything from Angels/Spirits.

Susan also has a lot of questions, as most women do… are you married?… do you have a girl-friend?… are you gay?…. I find it so amazing that most woman today ask if a man is gay if he is still young and not hooked already, especially if he is attractive.  I think the world has gone bazonka’s… what does it matter anyway what you look like.  This flesh is just a tent, as it is shown in this movie Joe Black.  It depends on who the spirit is that lives on the inside; that is what is important!  And whether you are attractive or not, God does not see those things; He only looks at the heart (your spirit)!  Of course He gave us all a different look (our tent – physical body); but He is only interested about what is going on inside the spirit.  Is the spirit submitted to His Holy Ghost?  Does Jesus live inside of you?  When the Father looks at you, does He see His Son Jesus shining through you?  (Mat 5:14)

I enjoyed the scene in the Library where they got to know each other intimately and you hear Susan ask if she may kiss him.  How innocently attractive is that?… when last was a guy so handsomely gentleman-like that he waited for you to make the first move?  And I know men might get upset with what I am saying here, but sometimes, after been hunted for many years by perverts; sickening thoughts; ugly gestures; uptight businessmen; and cold professionals; or even rough riders on motor bikes…. sometimes, just sometimes, a woman wants a man to be so gentle that he would allow her to make the first move… I’m just saying!  Forgive me to dive into “Marriage counselling” for a moment! Think of it what you want!  Joe was like a little school-boy who has never had an intimate relationship; and she was like an older woman (Intimately older!)  His innocence is beautiful as he shivers and almost cries from the excitement, yet feeling a little exposed in this lost world…and before I write something inappropriate (being a Pastor and all!)…. Let me recall my thoughts and keep it to myself.  Maybe one day I might share…  only God willing!

When Bill attacks Joe verbally and asks him if he is not violating the laws of the Universe because he is falling in love with his daughter… Joe quietly asks him…”This Universe?”… it was there when I paused the Dvd and sat back thinking about this beautiful Universe we are living in.  Many thoughts came to my mind, too many to mention here – and it fits right in with the study on God’s Creation which I did years before.  But it will have to wait for another time.

Later when Joe visits the hospital to look for Susan and bring her flowers, he finds the old woman again, and this time she is ready.  It amazed me much when I saw her the first time, that she had such a spirit of discernment (portrayed in the movie).  What a gift from God, to discern what spirit you are dealing with.  Remember that Jesus taught us to “test the spirits”.  I thank God every day for blessing me with this great gift of discernment!  Joe asks the old woman if she has enough memories of her life before she leaves…? and she said “yes”; she was ready to go.  She told Joe that sometimes here on earth, we also get “lonely” even with all the millions people around it.  Isn’t it sad, with so many people around us, we can still feel alone, sometimes?  Still and quiet he lets her go.  But looking at that just made me sad, because I do not believe the death-spirit in real life to be so kind!  Death has a sting, the Bible teaches! Thankfully, Jesus already paid the price for us, not to go through the second death!

I enjoy the end so much when Joe exposes Drew in front of the whole Board (listening by speaker phone); and Bill gains his Company back before he dies.  Especially when Joe told him that he was investigated by the IRS much later in the movie close to the end.  It was also stressing to see that Joe was adamant to take Susan with him because he loved her so much.  But her father pleaded with him, and after Susan herself told Joe how she felt about the man she met in the coffee shop that day; he knew he had to let her go.  And he was prepared to give her what her heart’s desire was – the man in the coffee shop.  The best he could do, was to kiss her goodbye, and she also knew it was a goodbye, then he revealed himself to her…  she also knew her Father would have left that night even though she didn’t fully understand what was happening; but she knew.

If there was one thing I would have changed, having had the chance to be the producer of this movie, I would have put a scene in the movie where Bill had a heart-attack on the stairs, so that in this world, the people would have known, he was gone.  The movie ends a little strange where they walk off together and suddenly the guy from the coffee shop returns… (a little bit off-putting).  Bill dying from a heart-attack on the stairs would have made the movie more “real” in a sense.  I would have made “Joe” arrive with an excuse of the fact that he was in a coma in hospital, but he had been searching for a week (knowing she was a doctor) and finally he found her address and decided to come say “hi”; accidentally on the night of Bill’s birthday and “parting” from this world.  It would have been nice to see how she says goodbye to her father in this world but takes the hand of the man she met in a coffee-shop knowing a new season in her life has just started.  So many times in real life God gives us “second chances” and we don’t even realize…

What really made the movie beautiful to me was the ending… it was the perfect song to finish this creation with…. Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high – dreams that you dream, can come in a Lullabye… blue birds flying, some dreams do come true!  A wish upon a star… and troubles that breaks like lemon drops!  What a wonderful world!  Yes, people passing by, and friends taking hands, someone saying “how do you do”?… and other’s “I love you”… beautiful writing by George David Weiss.  This is a wonderful world we live in, but it is a pity that not everybody out there appreciates this beautiful world that God has given us to live in.  We destroy without thinking or realizing what we are doing!

I for one see the beauty of God’s creation in everything around me, and I believe there is no place for a death-spirit in my life; nor in my family’s life, nor in my church’s life… etc.  There is no place for death, for as long as I have breath to speak, by grace of God, I will tell of the beauty He has created and the lovely world we live in.  A world that others don’t seem to see… a world of a Kingdom that you can even see through the eyes of a movie… the stunning blue waters of the oceans, the yellow sea-sand; the mountains high and valleys low; the rocks on the beach, and creatures great and small; birds flying in the air (yes, even blue birds!)… stars shining bright and fishes in the deep… and then His most precious creation – YOU… and then He gave you some good advice.  Choose life that you may live! Because He had already conquered (on the cross of Calvary!) the death-spirit for you… the question remains, do you BELIEVE or will you welcome “Joe Black”?

PS: Do not, i plead you, do not invite Joe Black into your life…..chose life!

Shalom. Ps. Nomsa


ENLIGHTENMENT 6 – Grease, His Kingdom and Discipline


Friday evening -9:53pm.  We have just finished watching the old movie “GREASE” with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.  Though I have never been a fan of Olivia I have always thought John to be one of Hollywood’s best actors of this generation.  Him being 63 now, I must have just entered into adolescent-years when he played the part of Danny Zucko in Grease.  Or was it Danny “De-zucko”? I suppose if you are someone like me that gives a lot of detail to movies then things like these do matter.  So let’s just make sure we have it right before we continue because no matter what you do in life, you always need to say and do the right thing (if you are a Christian of course – even though that also seems challenging sometimes).  So the Internet says it was Danny Zuko like I had it the first time without the C.  And now that we have that settled – did you know that John Travolta’s birthday is 18th February?  Maybe I will publish this story on the 18th as a tribute to John Travolta.  And I have gone off the topic… let’s rewind.

When I first saw the movie there were a few things that stuck with me all through my life.  As a very young child I already knew that God had called me for something great in His glorious Kingdom and I gave much attention to things. While watching the movie I noticed the young and funny actors; the lovely joyful and sad songs; the lovely clothing; the amazing huge cars; and the sexual innuendos; also the old time “road-house” where hamburgers and milkshakes stood the test of time; and are still around today.  Then there was the idea of this movie which can be portrayed as a romantic comedy where the love-story of Sandy and Danny are shared; but even more than all these it showed the school rules and DISCIPLE of those years – which is what I want to talk about a little tonight.  With a spiritual eye I saw things in another light even at that young age and recognized there were real tears and real feelings even while making the movie, and I was only 9 years old then.  Now before I continue, you need to know that God has blessed me with a gift of Discerning and I see things in a different way than other people.  So through these stories of my life I hope to teach you something about God’s Kingdom, His presence and Kingdom life where all Christians should live; hence the reason why I am sharing these with you.  Having said that, let us get back to Grease.   

I do not want to talk about Danny tonight even though I could spend a page or two chatting about him as an actor.  Who wouldn’t want to talk about those piercing blue eyes, the deep chin dimple and the easy smile!  And let us not throw the voice away!  Seriously, God blessed him with such a good face which must have helped him tremendously in his career as an actor.  I wonder if he had even thanked the Lord for creating him so attractive.  Sometimes I wonder if he would have been an actor if he didn’t look the way he did?  And with that I am not saying that he is not a good actor, on the contrary, but I do think that good looks help actors a great deal.  Actually I think he is a brilliant actor – especially in “Face Off” against Nicolas Cage, another favourite Actor of mine. Again, let us rewind…

Tonight I want to talk about the way in which children were brought up in those years during the time-period that the movie Grease was produced.  While watching the movie you see many things – the different clothing; the stuffs children did for fun; the make-up which till today continues, the coach who tried his best to get Danny involved in Sports; and then there was the dancing – aaah… I wish there was a place where our children today can go to learn dancing like that and just do it for the fun every Friday night.  It was lovely and also kept you very fit!  Man, did you see those skinny ladies!  The movie also shows an undertone regarding sex between some of the characters; yet the movie-makers still managed to portray the story with a kind of innocence which we don’t find in our children today and this makes me sad.  Those years it was still called a scandal when a girl fell pregnant while being in school whereas in today’s life the assumption is that if you can do it, just do it!  It is almost a prestige event if you have had sex by a young age.  It seems that children have a kind of competition to see who can do it first or more! In other words… take the car for a test-drive before you buy…! So sad and no discipline!

I would have liked to have been born in that era when Elvis was alive; when James Dean and Marilyn Monroe were something to talk about; and when “Be-bop-a-lu-la” was something everybody knew with greased hair, long and wide colourful skirts and flat white footwear.   Ask any child today what “Be-bop-a-lu-la” is and they will probably ask if it is a name of a band, or a new movie or song…?  And they would not be far out, but they would not understand.  At least not in the way the children of those years understood.  There was a different kind of freedom in the world those years which is not to be found in this current life we live, no matter which country you stay in.  Today most of our children grow up in some kind of bondage!  In those years you had to pay a coin to listen to some music in a “Road-house”.  Today our children have more music on their phones as what parents have and they can download it for free!  Go figure!  And while I don’t have a problem with receiving free music, I do believe it takes a sense of responsibility away from children.  We were taught that you have to pay for what you want in life, and nowadays our children are learning you can get anything you want for free, without a sense of accountability…. makes you think, doesn’t it?  It reminds me of that song: “money for nothing and chicks for free”…

Those year’s kids still had fun at schools in a total different way in which kids today has fun.  Teachers saw children making mistakes and then taught them “mistakes are correctable”; which is a very good lesson in life to teach your children so that they do not feel like failures.  Whereas today’s children are mostly left alone and not being punished enough when they make mistakes that are really bad.  Some children even scream at parents when they try to punish them and even go as far as taking parents to court for giving them a hiding… seriously, what is becoming of this world? There is not much left of the “parental-respect” and discipline which the older generation grew up with.  Nowadays children think they know everything as long as they have Internet, Google and Wi-fi.

Boys as young as eight are trained to be suicide-bombers; young girls ages twelve and younger are sold as sex-slaves; some children are taught to fight and shoot from a very young age to “defend” themselves; and young kids of six knows what “drugs” are; and also that you can get a gun around every street-corner!   My goodness, we never heard of such things when we grew up!  We could walk all alone at the age of 6-7 from school to home without any worries that someone would even try to pick you up.  Something like that is unheard of in today’s life.  On Friday evenings we all went to the Fire-station to watch a movie together while the parents stayed at home and had a braai with family or friends.  And guess what, after 9:00pm when the movie was done, we walked home!  About 8-9 blocks in the dark without feeling threatened – even four girls alone!  I am sad that my child and younger children of this new generation do not have the liberty to experience that kind of life in freedom!

Let us return to the discipline and please understand me right, I do not say we have to punish our children so bad that they cannot sit for a few days; or in such a way that they will hate you for the rest of their life; but seriously, there is nothing wrong with a good hiding now and then.  Even since the Bible says if you do not give your child a good hiding when they deserve it; then it actually means you hate him!  Now this is a serious thing, and it is a hard word, but it is God’s Word!  Have a look at Proverbs 13:24 He who spares his rod [of discipline] hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines diligently and punishes him early.  This is an “ouch” scripture, but it is God’s Word, and true believers in Christ must be obedient to the Word of God if they want to live a good life in the Kingdom of God.  It is their responsibility to make sure they teach their children the right things!  Always teach the right things…. even if you do not understand why, just be obedient!


The best example I have ever seen about a parent teaching a child discipline, and helping him to fix his mistake was in another movie.  Have you ever seen “Cinderella Man” with Russel Crowe and Renee Zellweger?  There is a scene where the child stole a roll of ham because he thought if his father cannot work and provide food; that his father would send them away.  Man, that incident in the movie just touched me so much.  I loved the way in which the Father (Russel) handled the child.  He took the child back to the shop where he stole the ham, and made him give it back to the owner, even while they as a family were almost starving. Then he asked the child why he did it and after hearing his explanation, he assured the child that he would never leave them or let them go away from him; and there was immediate forgiveness.  Now, in today’s life, this would not often happen, because it seems that people have lost their loyalty, honesty and integrity which were portrayed by the Father in this movie.  And what I noticed is that the child was not ashamed of what he did, because he had a good reason for doing it; but after his father taught him not to take things from people that doesn’t belong to them; he gave it back without a hint of guilt or embarrassment.  To me this is beautiful – I don’t find many parents in today’s life teaching their children that lesson of loyalty, honesty and integrity.  This is decent discipline!

And even though the above scenario was a beautiful incident in that brilliant written story I still believe that it is important sometimes that children should not be spared to be punished in the right manner.  My Father used to give us a hiding with a belt if we deserved it and today I am thankful that he taught us discipline in the way he did – according to the Word of God.  Those one or two hidings at the right time shaped me into the person I am today. And I think I turned out more than ok.  Have a look at these other scriptures in God’s Word and decide for yourself if you are instructing your child the right way with regards to correction/punishment:

Pro 19:18 Discipline your son while there is hope, but do not [indulge your angry resentments by undue chastisements and] set yourself to his ruin.
Pro 22:15 Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him.
Pro 23:13 Withhold not discipline from the child; for if you strike and punish him with the [reed-like] rod, he will not die.
Pro 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left undisciplined brings his mother to shame.
Pro 29:17 Correct your son, and he will give you rest; yes, he will give delight to your heart.

God’s Word is clear on how to discipline your children – it is sad though that not many parents adhere to this Word.  For most children today they might think a play-station or X-box is the one toy everyone should have; but sadly, they are missing out on so much that life has to offer a child!  These “toys” have changed our children into robotic hostile children with a spirit of laziness… and guess what?  Most adults have joined this craze of gaming!  Most of the games children play on these “toys” are aggressive action games which give them a chance to kill someone else in some kind of other stand-off.  Really!  What does that teach our children?  I watched my son play the “good guy” for many years and then one day he played the “bad guy”.  When I asked him why he simply replied:  “The bad guys in the games are more fun to play because they get better Armor than the good guys”… now think about that for a moment.   These games teach our children to wage war; to hurt people; to lie and to commit fraud; even to steal… and what are parents doing about it?  They join them…!  Just let them play… as long as it keeps them busy, right?  Years ago I had to apologize to the Lord for allowing my son to continue playing these games for as much as he wanted to.  I always figured that it was better to have him at home playing games, than to find him sitting in a bar/pub drinking or doing something worse.  And I still believe it was the best thing for him; but maybe, just maybe I should have kept a better eye upon the games he was playing; giving better discipline – which of course is not easy when they are out of school and can do “whatever they want”; believing that they are now grown men and can make their own decisions in life!… thank you very much mom!

I think about this one song that “Betty” was singing in Grease about “worst things she could do” and the lyrics go… “I don’t steal, and I don’t lie, but I have feelings… and I do cry!”… I love that line!  Even though she portrayed the “bad girl” who was supposedly pregnant she was singing about her feelings and hurt she was experiencing because everyone was talking bad about her behind her back.  Well, what do you know!  Even today, people still do!   Maybe it is time to sing that song… “I don’t steal, and I don’t lie, but I have feelings, and I do cry…”  Yes, I’m crying out to God to help our children become “normal” children again as we were when growing up.  We used to go fishing; we played in the park swinging and turning for hours on end; we played with balls and we visited our friends putting up a tent in the back-yard for the night to sleep there!  When last did you hear about children doing that?  All we hear today is: “Mom, John is coming over to play games, ok…”?  and followed up with “Do we have chips and cool-drink?”  I wish our children could have gone out camping more; or played more sports and realized the importance of getting fit and staying fit.  Most “Gamers” today is overweight – now what does that tell you?  When you ask a child what he wants for his/her birthday, the answer is always the same:  “there is a new game out about…..”  I wonder what happened to discipline from parents in present-day families.  Those years a ball or bicycle was a good present, and didn’t cost an arm or leg, Capiche?

Grease was one of those movies that taught me a lot as a young girl.  I looked at the different girls and watched their characters trying to figure out with whom I would have been friends with.  Would I have made friends with little miss innocent “Sandy” or with wild “Betty”; or maybe “Frenchie” who could make me beautiful with make-up?  Since when you are young, it’s all about the flesh!   Then I thought about my friends I had in school.  There was a Betty-character but I did not mix with her since she slapped every girl in school.  Then there was Melanie, a real “Sandy” who became my first very best friend; and then there was a Linette, who I lost contact with immediately after school.  And others…. but what was the point?  At the end I myself went from innocent Sandy to wild Betty and never looked back once I realized what an amazing power I carried around with me.  Most of today’s women ooze power… alas, not always from within!   It was a power I understood without anybody having taught me anything; strange how it happens.  This power within shaped me for the future even though at that time I did not know where I would end up in life.  It taught me that God was always in control of my life – I was happy in whatever situation I found myself and that reminds me of Brother Paul in Philippians “I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content.” – Phi 4:11.

Grease also gave me a love for old fashioned cars just as my father has.  I suppose in that way I was always his little tomboy between four other sisters (no boys!).  I was really the one who always did the boy-stuff, like not playing with Barbie, but playing with the red truck which made a noise or the miniature Cadillac!   There is an amazing love for the old fashioned cars that lingers in my heart when I look at them in Grease.   I loved the shapes, the bright colours and the hard body-work.   It was when I saw the white car with silver flames on the side which Danny raced against the leader of the Scorpions that I realized those days are gone, and I didn’t even had an opportunity to ride in one of those old cars.  Oh, how I would have loved to have a ride in an old fashioned car under the open sky; parking under the tree and watching the stars fly-by at night time with a handsome companion who shares my love for these old automobiles…. maybe in the back-seat of the Cadillac!   And then I wake up and realize that it was a dream from when I was young.   Now recognizing I didn’t live in that time and it was a season in life that has come and gone… and I missed it!  So I understand that it is not something to have feelings about, and not something to cry about Betty!… I was not born for that time, but for a time such as now.

The life which Grease portrait are far from what is happening in our everyday lives which is why it is more appealing to watch today since it makes the movie-watcher long for that kind of life; but the lives we can live in the Kingdom of God are here right now and is immediately available.  When you are “Raptured” (enlightened) into the Kingdom of God, you don’t even think about old fashioned cars, lovely long skirts, milkshakes, boyfriends, school, music or discipline.  You don’t think about worldly things because there is nothing worldly in the kingdom – it is all spiritual and beautiful.  More beautiful than anything else I have ever experienced here on earth.  In God’s kingdom I saw flowers that were so beautiful with colours that do not even exist here in this world… and now you might ask me what that has to do with Grease or discipline!  Well, you need discipline to live in God’s Kingdom too!  But at least there is total FREEDOM!

Just as Grease was an idea in the mind of an author/creator; in the same sense the Kingdom of God was God’s idea in His mind of a perfect dwelling place for his children and when you are there… then nothing else in life here on earth matters anymore.  You cannot think about lovely strong old fashioned cars; colourful dresses; nice make-up or music.  Your mind does not even go to your children; the school or friends you had; or fun.  Not even sport, money or hobbies… or even your wife or husband!  There is nothing in the kingdom that makes sense except to love and worship the One who made you and saved you from spiritual dead – Eph 2:1.

To worship Jesus takes discipline; to study God’s Word takes discipline; to pray takes discipline…. There is no substitute for discipline.  If you want to be engulfed in the presence and power of the Almighty you need to have discipline!  When I am enlightened into His presence during times of worship I gather thoughts of what I think, see and experience and would want to share with people of the world but then I look around me and realize every individual Rapture is a new season.  And just as the season for Grease has come and gone in this life; it seems the season for disciplining our children has eluded us… sometimes by choice!  When you live in God’s Kingdom nothing is important anymore. The season for Grease is no more!  School is no more!  Fun is no more! Dating is no more! Wearing make-up is no more! Eating and sleeping is no more!… nothing you do on/in this earth can even be compared to the life you can life in the Kingdom of God, if only you can be disciplined!

Grease brought me a moment’s pleasure and it made me think about life in general.  I learnt about people and things; and it helped to shape me with deciding who I was going to be when growing up and which friends I will have.  It was only in the last few years that I realized Grease had nothing to do with it!  It was only God’s plan and purpose for my life – to Him be the glory!

As Danny and Sandy fly away in a beautiful man-made beast; I fly away in a beautiful soft cloud surrounded by Angels pulling me deeper and deeper into the realm of the living; where there are no deceit and no pain; no suffering; no doubt or fear; no hurt of sicknesses, no afflictions and no feelings; and above all… no crying!  So I don’t have to sing that song with Betty anymore… It is only a place of love – Pure love!  I am surrounded by the arms of the Father… a beautiful Creature many don’t know exist and don’t care about.   If I can teach you about the Kingdom world and about the bodily Godhead – that God is tangible; His Kingdom is more real than the air that we breathe or the water you drink every day.  If I could show you the spiritual dimension as I have seen it many times… maybe then you would also lay down your thoughts about Grease; the shares you bought; the lottery ticket you lost; or the man you slept with last night.  Maybe, just maybe, if I can teach you that there is a different world out there where you can live in harmony, peace and love…forever and that you don’t have to fear anything; or be scared of something; or lie to your wife about sleeping with her best friend; or have an abortion because you are not ready to be a mom!  … maybe… no feelings and no crying! But only discipline…!

I deliberately forget about the fact that I was not born in the era of Grease and that maybe I might have missed out on something in this world; but then my innermost being calls me to the place that exist even now in my spirit.   The place I would rather be – His Kingdom domain where I belong as a Son of God!  And maybe you might not understand how I can say that I am a Son of God, but just keep reading these true stories and you will soon catch on!

So tonight I bid farewell to Grease as I enter into another dimension… a land with flowers that has no colors; floating diamonds; streams of crystal clear water that has no beginning and no end; shiny pearls dancing in the air; trees that are not found in this world… a land that has “black flowers”; colorful stones that fall down like rain; stars that float above your head; rocks that shout “Hallelujah to the King!”; books that are opened daily and Angels that minister to your every need… Oh my God and my Lord, my Savior…!  After you have used me here on earth and when my time is over; I would rather spend eternity with you in Your Kingdom than be like most people out there staying on this earth lost and lonely, longing for things they might never feel or get because they know they missed out! Grease is a fantasy world; but now I have seen and experienced the real fantasy world – the spiritual Kingdom of God!  And there can never be any comparison….

I say goodbye to the world of GREASE which gave me a moment of enjoyment in this strange but beautiful, heavily plastic world!   And I thank those that gave me a moment’s pleasure, but pray that you may also be enlightened into His world – the KINGDOM of the Creator where there is only love, joy, peace… and DISCIPLINE.

May you also, in your life-time experience the world of Grease, His Kingdom and Discipline!  Shalom

Prophetic Teacher Nomsa. Feb 2018




ENLIGHTENMENT 5 – The Proposal and the Lies


Some time ago I watched the movie “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.  Now I have always been a fan of Sandra Bullock not just because of her acting, but also because I believe deep down in my heart she is the kind of person that would fight for what she believes in.  She has an “open” heart to help people in less privilege situations.  I am saying this without having read anything about her personal life.  She just seems to be the kind of person that would always help others.  I saw this kind of compassion in her when I watched the movie “The blind side” where she helped a young boy which is the true story of Michael Oher, a traumatized boy who became an all American football player.  Even though Sandra was acting the part, I discerned that she could really help people as such.  Let us talk about Ryan for a second, another great actor who plays the part really well (now that was literally just a second, right!)  The truth never takes much time.

If you have seen this movie, you will remember it is about Margaret, the dominating boss who lies to her Superiors and an immigrant agent to ensure that she will not be deported.  Her innocent assistant Andrew knows nothing of the plot and is thrown in to a web of lies without any way of getting out.  After reconsidering the situation he demands a few things of his own and they fly to Alaska to proof to the immigration agent that they are “for real”.  This movie made me think about real life.

So many times in life people come into situations and feel there is no way out except to give a “little lie”… I deliberately call it a “little lie” because it seems people think there is something like a “big lie” and a “little lie”.  Though the Bible teaches us that a lie is a lie… no difference! I have heard about many occasions where people have used this “little lie” to get them out of situations that might have caused them to lose out on something.  Individuals from time to time have told me they had to tell a lie in order for them not to lose their job… aaargh!  When are people going to get it?  You always have to speak the truth.  God is very clear in His Word that he wants us to speak the truth if we want to be blessed.  A lie is not going to bring you any happiness or success.  Sometimes it might be a temporary outcome, but eventually it will catch up upon you and the outcome might be worse that what it would have been at first if you spoke the truth.

If you are desperate, then tell it so someone and be desperate.  I never lie about how I feel.  If I am mad, I will say to you that I am mad.  If something or someone annoys me, I will say that I am irritated (though I am working very hard to get rid of that irksome spirit).  But when I am happy it shows and I tell people that I am happy.  I always speak the truth about what I am feeling at the moment.  And many times I have told people: “just say it how it is”.  Say what is on your mind, whether it sounds good or bad, but speak the truth, even when it hurts!  If someone has hurt me deeply, I will say that I have been hurt deeply and on my own time I will try to work through it and trust the Lord to help me.  At the end it is all about being truthful and not lie to protect yourself or someone else.

The Bible says “death and life is in the tongue” (Pro 18:21)… if you lie about things, it means you are speaking death over yourself.  I am sure you don’t want to marry the spirit of death so therefore it would be good to speak positive things over yourself and above all else, speak the truth at all times.  People that have lied about things in life, have often found later in life that it did not do them any good at all, but instead it broke a relationship; it made them lose a job; they had a big fight with a parent; it might even have broken a marriage…. and there are many  examples I can give here.  The old saying “liar…liar…liar, your pants are on fire” comes to mind.  Of course you can also see the movie “Liar Liar” with Jim Carrey to help you understand what I am talking about today.

The Word of God has a lot of verses on the word “lie” and  also verses on “lies”; which tells us that lying is a serious case for God… isn’t it amazing?  This tells me that lying has been around for some time, and of course, the first lie started with the devil in the garden when he lied to Eve…(Gen 3) but let us not go into that teaching for the moment.  We also find that Father Abraham told a lie to the King (Gen 20:2) which his son Isaac copied a few years (Gen 26) later in the same place to another Abimelech.  Many of the so-called Fathers of the Bible has told a lie once or twice in their lives, it is therefore not strange for me that Christians would lie from time to time to protect themselves… even though it is wrong to do so! But let us get back to The Proposal.

I really think Margaret didn’t think this idea through before she quickly lied to her Superiors when she was put in a corner.  She obviously never thought she would have to meet the family of a person who at the end turned out to be a great guy.  See, here is the thing that always bites you when you lie… if it involves people; changes are you are going to hurt them through your lies.  And maybe you can live with that for a while, but for a child of God, the Holy Spirit will always convict you about what you are doing – especially if it is not in line with God’s Word.  I was happy to see that even the character of the dominating Margaret was portrayed as been human enough to feel guilty about what she was doing when they were about to get married.  The conviction in her heart was too much for her to bear and she came out with the truth… but the truth about what she did turned out at the end to have been the exact thing that changed her life because she fell in love with her assistant Ryan (brilliant writing!).  Imagine for one minute if she never started this lie, she would not have met the family, and would not have found out who this man really was.  You see, you don’t always know how things are going to turn out.  And sometime the bad things we do, can be used by God to change your life in a better way – All things work out for the good to those who love the Lord (Rom 8:28).  And with that I am not saying that you need to lie and then trust God to help you…. this would be preposterous!  Just don’t lie to begin with!

In my life I have seen that the devil really know how to use the lying spirit and he makes it so easy for Christians to use it without them thinking about the consequences.  He is a cunning sly spirit that will tell you nobody will now, but even that is a lie, because God will know what you are doing and saying.  No wonder the Bible says he is the father of lies – Joh 8:44.  The devil uses this lying spirit to deceive you and make you turn against your real father in heaven.  Most of the common lies the devil tells the people in the world is: “There is no God” and “God doesn’t care about you”.  Now, if anybody and I mean ANYBODY has ever told you that God does not care about you, that was a lie straight from hell, being used by the devil to get you to stay away from the God who can really help you in any situation (Jesus).

It is sad in the movie that they also tell the same lie to the world, to show that there is no God… we see the grandmother (brilliantly played by the hilarious Betty White) dancing in the woods calling down the “spirits” and talking about “mother nature” dancing on the beat of the drums.   Now that is just another clever way of the devil trying to let the audience know that there is no God… and it is a pity that the producers allowed this piece in the movie (even though it is really funny!) but it is not the truth!  Again satan deceived the mind of the writer to put this piece in, which gives innocent people of the world the idea that you need to pray to “spirits” and “mother earth” instead of praying to God! Again, a lie…. A clever lie from the father of lies, the devil!

The whole movie “The Proposal” is about lying, and we see that the further they go, the more lies they need to tell.  It’s like a snowball that gets bigger and bigger all the time.  We even notice that lies get you into uncomfortable situations when the family throw them into one room and they have to sleep together… the lie!  The spirit of lying is cunning, it is deceitful, it is sly, and it breaks people in life due to the fact that most people lie about ordinary things.  Most people lie so much that they do not even know where it began anymore; they cannot know when a new lie begins and where it will end because it has become such a part of their lifestyle.  An idolatrous husband will not come home one night, and when the wife asks where he had been, he will say he stayed with his best friend.   Then he will leave a message for his best friend to “back him up” with the story and when the wife calls, the best friend are forced into lying for his idolatrous friend who spent the night with another woman; because he is expected to stay a good friend, and help out…  And without realizing it, you become part of your friends web of lies, until one day the whole things blows up and everybody will now, you were a liar… because women do tell…! And it works both ways…

Aaah… so let me give you another Proposal:

To tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… so help me God!




ENLIGHTENMENT 4 “Over the Top” with Prophet Elijah


Last night I was wondering what to do on a Friday night, which is really a dim-witty question because being a Leader of a church there should never be such a question; a leader of a church always has something to do.  Mostly our time should be filled with studying Gods word and praying.  Although I also believe that it is OK to do something different now and then like watching a movie on a Friday night, especially after a hard week.  God has always spoken to me through worldly movies, and I even teach the Kingdom of God through different worldly movies at my church TRT from time to time; which is also why I am sharing these moments of “Spiritual enlightenment” with you on our Blog.

It was one of those Friday nights on my comfortable bench in front of Dstv.  As I run through the channels deciding what to watch moa realized there is nothing that tickles my fancy.  But I remember that there were a few old movies I recorded recently while I was out and about so I go to my playlist and there they are.  Let’s see… this one looks interesting – it is called “Over the Top” with Sylvester Stallone.  It is the Name of the movie that catches my attention.  This is a real “oldie” – I recall watching this movie being a lot younger and cannot really remember anything except the father fighting to keep his son.  As I start watching I see that Sylvester has also aged tremendously in the last few years… isn’t it ironic?  Ageing comes to all – even the rich and famous.  There is no cure for ageing!  I wonder when are Plastic Surgeons going to realize this?; or will they just keep going because they make so much money from desperate people trying to fake youth when the body speaks a different language.  And it really does not matter how much money you have, plastic surgery will only take you this far!  And there is enough proof of that on the internet if you see how many “mistakes” there are on some people that went under the knife!  How silly God’s creations have become, thinking they can do better than the Creator Himself who made them in His image!  And what is more, they pay millions to do so – just think how many hungry people I could have fed with all that money!

Even though Sylvester Stallone was never attractive to me with his crooked eyes, his curly lips and muscle body; he was always one of my favorite action-film actors and though he graciously aged he is definitely less attractive now than when he was playing the part in the movie “Over the top”.  Even then at a young age, through the character which he portrait, there was a humbleness in him.  I wonder whether that humbleness is still found in him today.  As the norm goes, when actors start becoming famous and rich; there is a kind of confidence that takes a hold of them; sometimes to the point of arrogance.  I imagine it would be hard for an actor to remain humble.  Someone once said that Keanu Reeves is humble and remain even through fame.  He takes the bus where he wants to go and he gave all the money he made in “Matrix” to the cast and crew; now that is something I can admire!  Also heard that Jackie Chan cleans his own swimming pool at home and do not use servants to do this job. So I wonder how much humbleness Sylvester Stallone has.  I have read his story of how he was poor on the street and sold his dog to survive, and later when he got money after “Rocky” he went to buy his dog back again.  Now that tells me a lot about the person and I hope that he has not lost that part of his character between all the money and fame.  Apparently he also wrote the script for the movie “Rocky” and he refused to sell the movie unless he plays the part – persistence … which I admire a lot!  It tells us something about Sylvester Stallone at a young age; almost as if he was living in real life what he taught his son “Mike” in the movie:  “Nobody in life will give you a chance, you have to take it for yourself”… Believe in yourself!

The movie is one of those that you see once and do not have to remember apart from the fact that it is admirable that the Father wants to do all in his power he has to get a better life so that he would be able to provide for his son.  The grand-father with all his money forgot one thing and that is when there is a bond of love between a parent and  child, not all the money or luxury in the world will be able to satisfy that child!  I love the scene almost at the end when Sylvester Stallone’s character wins the arm wrestling competition and they turn to the grandfather’s face; you see the realization settling down on him.  He looks at the father and the son holding each other and there is a bond of love that he notices on their faces and in their body language.  Finally, grandpa realizes he should stop fighting for custody of the child because the father loves the child even though he had not been a part of his life for a long time.  There is nothing now that can stop the father to have the child and proof that he can look after the child (Mike) especially after he won the prize-money and the big truck.   There is one quick glimpse of the grandfather’s surprise when he looks around the room and realize that the life-style of  Mike’s dad (Sylvester) might be different than his own, but the father has popularity and is a winner in a total different arena of life.  He was at the end not a looser as the grandfather assumed Mike’s father to be.

Isn’t it really sad that people with lots of money most of the time look down on individuals that do not have much? It is really startling that a piece of paper in this world can change a person’s personality so much.  And more than that, these rich people believe that the lack of money in someone else’s life, might proof them to be a “looser”.  How arrogant is that!  I wonder sometimes when I look at rich people if they would have been the person they are if it was not for the money in the bank.  Would certain people have been egotistical and so over-confident if they had no money?  Would famous people have been rude to others? Perhaps they might have had more consideration for others that have little, if they themselves had less… I wonder?

From the start of the movie I enjoyed the little boy’s character that was shaped into a gentleman by the way he conducted himself and the way he spoke…. “yes Sir, no Sir”.  But it is really a plastic life which made the child someone he was not.  These private schools today that teach children to behave in a certain manner could be a good thing, if only they would remember that these children are still children.  And I am not oppose to these schools because for most of the children that end up there become good officials and important people because of the way they are groomed, and they have exquisite manners; but I also believe that the child loses a part of themselves when being forced to portray them in a certain way that is acceptable to society.  A child should still have a few young years just to be a child.  They should experience mischief to a certain degree; they should be allowed to have a fight at school with another boy to see for themselves what they are made of.  Because it is through things like these that a child will make a decision in life (his own decision!) on who he is going to be.  Will he step away from a fight and be a coward? Or will he give all he has and be a hero at school…?  And even though these fancy schools for boys believe that they are doing a good thing, there is a lack of something which a child has to discover for themselves.  I would like to call that “self-empowerment”.

When I was young there was a spelling competition in school and I was one of the finalists.  I practiced very hard and discerned in my heart that I would know all the words they could ask.  I literally read through the dictionary! At the moment the next word was asked to be written down on the white-board, my rivalry one-by-one left the board since they could not write the word down.  I remained standing there alone for a brief moment and realized I would win the competition because I knew exactly how to spell the word; but I turned around slightly looking over my shoulder to the class and I saw her!  She was a butch girl and the bully of the school who told me earlier that morning that she will give me a hiding behind the school later in the afternoon if I win the competition.  She wanted me to give her friend a chance to win and I should stand back, she said.  They all knew that I was better than her friend.

It reminds me of the Chapter in the Bible where that snake Jezebel tells Elijah the prophet that she will kill him because he called down fire from heaven and also slew all 450 Baal demons of hers – see 1 Ki 19:1 “Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done and how he had slain all the prophets [of Baal] with the sword”.  1 Ki 19:2  “Then Jezebel sent a messenger to Elijah, saying, So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I make not your life as the life of one of them by this time tomorrow”.  1 Ki 19:3 “Then he was afraid and arose and went for his life and came to Beersheba of Judah [over eighty miles, and out of Jezebel’s realm] and left his servant there”…  I love this story!  Though Prophet Elijah had so much faith in His God to destroy those Baal demons; he shriveled up when a satanic voice of Jezebel send him by word a message that she is coming after him – and guess what? The Prophet flew away.  He ran like a rabbit trying to escape the claws of a jackal chasing him.  And there he was, the great Prophet of God, hiding away in a cave… hiding from the cunning voice of a woman.   This is how I felt at the moment I stood there before that board in the class-room, and I had to make a decision…

Yes, you guessed it!  I thought to myself for a brief moment that I was going to get a hiding this afternoon from the bully behind the school classrooms if I do not throw this competition… because if I stepped away then we all had to go another round, and her friend stood a chance of winning; but just as quickly as the thought entered my mind I made a decision.  What the hell, if I was going to be beaten and bullied because I am the best “Speller” in the school then so be it!  In that second I made a decision that I will stand up for whom I was.  I wrote the word perfectly down on the board and then turned around, looked the butch girl straight in the face and showed her what I was made of.

I see the same thing in this movie when the opposition try to demote him while they arm wrestle.  You always find these types. If they are afraid that they might not win you, they try to bully you with trash-talk!  To me this is a sign of a low self-esteem in a person.  Someone who sends their mouth to do the talking while in their heart they have a fear of losing and not being able to bear the self-disappointment and humiliation!  You see this big man with his almost crazy eyes trying to tell Sylvester in the movie that “you belong to me”… “you are mine”…. Seriously!  What do people think because we even find in today’s life that people still do these things!  Do they really think that they can force someone to submit under their aggressive mouth-talk just because they are afraid of losing in their heart realizing they do not have enough self-confidence… and then they try to hide it behind trash-talk!  Arrgh! Just step up and be a man!  Be a good loser, for heaven’s sake!  Now I wonder what I should say about the Prophet Elijah that ran away after the trash-talk from the sly Jezebel demon?  Here I realize that nobody is perfect, not even the Prophets of God.  How much more the Leaders of Churches who are trying to do what the Prophets of old accomplished and more?  In my mind I am thinking that if Prophet Elijah had someone who taught him not to listen to trash-talk from anybody, especially a woman, then he would probably not have run away…. But then comes the cherry on the cake in this story, it is in the cave where his Maker meets him at his own level.  By God’s grace and strength he receives encouragement after hearing a still, small voice… he decides to get up and move on… this is God teaching Elijah to go “Over the Top”.  So may I ask, have you ever taught your son or daughter not to succumb to trash-talk from others?

You also notice the same thing in the movie where the young boy starts opening up to his dad and then the movie show how they do exercise together in the morning after they slept in the truck.  The boy realizes in his young mind that there are more to life than the rules with which he has lived up until then; even more so when the father teaches him to arm-wrestle with a boy in a restaurant.  When he loses, the dad teach him that winning is important but that it is also important to be a good looser, and most of all, to believe in yourself.  You see, most of these fancy boy-schools do not teach our children to stand up for themselves in certain situations.  There are always “bully’s” at school.  Our children in these fancy schools are taught to follow the rules at all times – no fighting else you will be expelled from school!  The movie portrays a good father that might not be rich, but believes in good values and want to teach his son to always stand up for himself.  Now tell me, isn’t that more important than to be a perfect soldier who always abide by the man-made rules of this world? I rest my case….

And with this I am not saying that I do not believe in rules, because they are important.  But what I am trying to bring across is that they are only important to a certain degree of guiding a child into what is best for them; but they still need to have the freedom to figure out for themselves who they really are!  Because you can shape a child all you want, sooner or later they will break lose and try and discover new things in life to find out where they fit in.  It’s like a lady who has been taught to say and do the right things from a young age and somewhere between ages twelve to nineteen will be told which guy to marry because there is only a certain “type” which will “fit” into the rich family, according to the Father.  It is after many years of a boring marriage that she will become herself through nights of loneliness when her “perfect” husband whom the family chose for her; never comes home during certain nights and the bottles of empty brandy starts piling up in the garbage bin.  It is then she will realize that her life with her “perfect’ husband is not so perfect and the life she was living is pointless.  Then she will become herself when searching for what she wants and not what the family suggest she should have… how sad!  Most of the time these rich daddy-girls find out that their “perfect” husband found his peace in the arms of an outsider while she was waiting at home for him night-after-night.  It is then that she starts looking around for what she really wants.  And guess what, her choice might be totally opposite of what her family have told her to marry.  It could be the type the family would never approve of, as it was in this movie “Over the Top”.  You also get the same scenario in the famous movie “Titanic” with Jack and Rose… awhe… what an amazing story and brilliantly played by both Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet.  But I will do Titanic on another Day.  Let me get back to “Over the Top”.

“Over the Top” is one of those slogans that should be an aphorism to most young children.  “The Top is really where you want to be” I heard many fathers tell their children next to the wall-climbing rock.  They try and make the children understand that to be at the Top is the most important thing in life; and they don’t teach them to be a good loser.  And with that they bring it across that with everything you do in life to be the Top is where they need to be; and they should not stop until they have reached the Top. Be the Top of the Company; be the Top in your class; be the Top person in sports, etc. is the most important thing according to the dad.  And if the child can get to the Top he will feel satisfied and the father would be satisfied too.  It is almost as if the dad will feel he accomplished something in life if his son reaches the Top.  I listen to this man as he tries to encourage the six year old who is climbing up higher and higher step-by-step.  Now and then he pauses and looks down at his dad, who then encourages him to climb higher to the Top.  And then it dawned on me – the Top is good, but “Over the Top” is even better!  When someone reaches the Top where they can be in a situation, they know they have done their best, and there is nothing else they can do, that’s it!  They did what daddy spent hours to teach them when they were little and they are satisfied.  But for me, the Top is only the beginning.  I need to go “Over the Top”… because that is the fulfillment I want.  That is the only thing that would give me satisfaction.  And I will not stop until I have reached “Over the Top”.  The Top is good, but “Over the Top” is better!

I look at my life and think – have I reached the Top yet?  Nope.  I am still on my way there… and then I realize, it is time to start focusing on getting there, and pursuing to not just stop at the Top and be the best, because the best will never be good enough for me.  I want to be better than the best!  Is that even possible? Of course it is – you can do ALL through Christ… Does that make sense? I want to be the best Teacher of the Word of God not just in South-Africa, but also in the World… now that is “Over the Top”!  And that is my goal. Let me ask you today, are you at the Top yet….?  Or have you lost focus along the way.  Maybe it is time you start focusing on reaching the Top, and then, get yourself ready to do even better than that, and go Over the Top!.  I know you can, and believe with God on your side, you can do all things… May you be blessed as you go “Over the Top”…

And as for your children, I don’t care whether you like the movie or not, it is an inspiration and you can teach your children something from the movie… so make use of the opportunity and let them see the difference between money and integrity. Show them that if they believe in themselves, they can not only reach the Top, but also go higher, over the Top.

PS:  Now don’t be shy, let me know when you get there…. and by Grace of God I will do the same!

  Shalom, Ps. Nomsa

PLEASE NOTE THIS STORY IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED, written by Ps. Nomsa and is part of a longer story in her latest Book called “SOUL ENLIGHTENMENT”; currently IN PRESS.

ENLIGHTENMENT 3 – The Encyclopedia of Moses

Dear all, the stories on this ENLIGHTENMENT PAGE usually comes from movies, but can also come from books.  This particular one comes from none other than the Word of God!  Enjoy!


The dictionary says the word “Encyclopaedia” actually means: “a book or set of books giving information on many subjects; or on many aspects of one subject and typically arranged alphabetically”. Well, I thought about that for a while and then I realized we are also encyclopaedia’s…. We are also “many aspects of one subject”…. living and breathing Encyclopaedia’s.  You see, here in this case you or I will be the subject of discussion, and there are many aspects of being us… you get what I’m saying, right?

So why don’t you sit back and relax and think about your own Encyclopaedia for a minute…. What information about you (the subject) do you share with the world, and which part do you hide?   What do you cry about when no-one is watching…? Do you only share with your friends what you want them to know?…. Are there any hidden aspects of your “Encyclopaedia” that you don’t share…? Are you pretending to be a blessed, happy and fortunate person when actually deep down inside you are lonely, lost and feel rejected… but nobody knows, and you don’t tell.

In the same sense I also think about the bodily Godhead that also has three different parts but are one… now there is an amazing “Encyclopaedia”… How much have you read about His Encyclopaedia? How much do you study his “Encyclopaedia”?  If you had to make a list today of His character, how long would your list be?

It is so easy for us to talk about ourselves but the question remains, are you talking the truth? If I would have asked you today to tell me what is the one thing you fear in life, would you be honest?  What if I want to know why you didn’t get to marry your “great-love” but settled for someone 2nd best? If I should ask you what is the one thing in life you did which you are very ashamed of, would you tell?  Suppose I asked you who is the person in your life that you hurt the most?  Will I get an answer from you? Well of course if you are a Christian you already have answers to all these because God’s Word promises that you don’t have to fear anybody; that He had forgiven you for everything you had done; and that you don’t have to think of bad things you did in your previous life.  So rest assured, Christians are herewith settled.

But let us get down to the aspects of our very existence.  Of course you can make a decision to look at the flesh first, and draw up a list of the good and bad things about your fleshly look; but really; I don’t want to hear that your body is sagging and how you don’t look any more like you used to… we all go that road!  I am more interested in what is going on deep down inside of you. I am wondering about your brain, your ideas; your thinking pattern; the memories; and the dreams… to name just a few.  So have you ever sat down and written down what it is that makes you YOU… for instance….?

I can tell you what I like (pages upon pages full); and I can tell you what I don’t like (pages and pages full); and I can tell you what irritate me in life…yeah! I know!  Then I can tell you what frustrates me about other people; and who are the kind of people I really don’t like hanging around with; also, I can explain to you why I love the things I love; and why I choose not to do certain things in life. I know that I will never do bungi-jumping, for example, especially not at my age… and I know that I refuse to eat anything that looks strange, smells weird or looks disgusting even though you might try and convince me that it is a delicacy in another country…. I really don’t care!

Then after we have passed on from the likes-and-dislikes I can get a little more open and tell you what I love about people; what I expect from my friends; and what I trust the Lord to do for me in my life… I can even share with you why I do certain things that is weird or dim-witty (according to friends)… and I can tell you what I prefer doing in leisure times. And in a moment of weakness I might talk about people making love; but alas….  Carnal thinking, not want to go that road ever again!  Eventually we find that when we start making notes about who we are, what we do, what we like or not; where we like to stay; and what we prefer from everything that life has to offer then we realize that we are just living in a cocoon and there is so much more out there…..!

Why shouldn’t you just pack up your bags, get someone to look after your place and possessions; quit your job and run to another country? … see yourself enjoying walking through the valleys, the hills, stunning sea-shores and even tall buildings mid-town…. I will tell you why!  Because we are too crazy about our possessions and don’t trust anybody else with it; we have worked too hard to get that promotion to just give it up for a life-changing experience….mmm, makes you think -doesn’t it?  At the end you will be too old to walk that far, too sick to run around on the beach with friends; and your memory will probably strike out which will make it difficult for you to remember where you are actually going and why?  So why are you working so hard, anyway?  Who is going to reap the fruit of your labor?  Will you still be here to enjoy all the effort you did in previous years?  Who knows if you are going to be here today, except God alone!

You might say: wait a minute, little lady! I work hard so that I can ensure a good life for my partner and children, and we call that being responsible … yeah, yeah, yeah…. Until the partner leaves you all alone with three children to feed, and then you think…was it really worth it? And I am not being cynical at all, listen, life happens.  You don’t know what tomorrow brings, do you?  Can you tell for sure that your partner will NEVER EVER leave you…like 100%, sure!  Really?  For then I apologize…. And we will talk again in a few years… nothing in life is sure!  Except if you are a Christian, you know that Jesus is sure!  And that is that!

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to climb out of the box you call your “life” and just go banana’s like I call it; just go weird; just go different; just go new; just go whatever…! Why don’t we try and learn another language we totally love hearing… I have always been fascinated by the clicking sounds of the bushmen of Africa; and the soft intimate-words spoken by Italians; or even the direct and sometimes arrogant words of the Frenchmen… and yet, I’ve not made one effort to learn one word, go figure.  Yet, when I traveled to Germany some years ago, I listened to their language, and fell in love with it.  It is so easy to understand what they are saying. So I might try and learn the language… but then I think, for what? Why?  Who will appreciate the effort I made when I go there again, so do I really need to learn the language…..?

And then I think about the few weeks I had there on holiday strolling around the streets of Frankfurt; looking for place to sleep in Wurzburg; sitting on the double decker tour-bus driving through Hamburg, and waiting for a friend at the station in Munich….. all places with different characters… and then i realized if I had R10k right now, I will just leave and go back there again and actually walk through the whole country; from south to north… what an amazing way to get to know a place.  No booking hotels, no worrying about what to eat, no stress about missing the flight, no drama about people who you meet because you don’t have to see them ever again if you don’t want to.  Imagine how fit I am going to be when I get back; imagine what beauty I would have gained in my mind to treasure forever; imagine the stories I could tell.  I stayed with friends there for a few weeks and a few euro’s was enough for me to survive on as far as food was concerned.  I got by on only a couple of thousand rand in the 5 week period that I was there.  Amazingly surprising!  And yes, I tried all the chocolates, the lovely ice-cream in Dunkensbuhl; and the nice jackets at local stores… but now I have gone off the point a little….

What do you think it is inside of you that connect people with you; or draw you closer to them?  What can you write about your personality (or shall I say your “Encyclopaedia”?) that is good, which would show why people get attracted to you… or is it just looks?  Because if that is all you have going for you, you are in trouble.  Because once the years pass by and people start searching for something much deeper than the flesh that is changing and disappearing, it will be a real deal-breaker if there is nothing else to hold them down.

Now my mind wanders to Moses in the desert when he was taking the Israelites out of Egypt on the way to the Promised Land.  If you read the story you will be amazed on how much you can learn about the character of Moses.  His life began in a basket in which he was hidden.  Isn’t it amazing sometimes how God hides you from the enemy until it is the right time for you to come forward…? In Exodus 2 we read that the sins of Moses caught up with him which teaches us that the great Prophet of the Old Testament also had sin.  What we can learn from this is that nobody is perfect, and everybody makes mistakes. Exo 2:12 taught me that Moses was a warrior because he killed an Egyptian with his bare hands.  That is not something that anybody can do so actually Moses was a man that had great fighting skills.  After this we notice that he also had a spirit of fear because he fled to Midian (V15).  But then he again fought some men at the water well and held them off so that the daughters of the Priest of Midian could get some water and also for their sheep.  Now this is a side of Moses that showed that he was also a gentleman.

Following the story of Moses we see in the third chapter that he became a shepherd.  Sometimes in live we also follow a path like Moses from living a life in the high Court’s being a prince, and then falling down to a shepherd’s field.  It is also in Chapter 3 that we see where Moses tries to tell God that he is not the right person for the job, and make excuses not to serve God.  It is amazing to see that he uses his “talking-abilities” as an excuse not to lead the people of God. He even said to God he is not “eloquent nor a man with words” as if God didn’t know who exactly Moses was.  This shows us clearly that Moses had feelings of inadequacy.

During the 5th chapter of Exodus (V22-23) we see that Moses got to know God and realized that God does not always eliminate our problems… much to the annoyance of those people preaching that everything is always going well when you are a child of God.  But suddenly we see a reliance on God for everything even when the task seemed impossible.  Moses learned that all things are really possible through faith in God.  He trusted God even when he represented God before the Pharaoh in Exo 7:1 And then just as you think Moses was doing good, it was time for him to learn something again in Exo 18:13-26.  Moses learned a big lesson in delegation.  He also learned other lessons like the fact that God uses frail people to do His greatest works!  And that God prepares someone and then uses them, irrespective of who they are.  Whether they are a Prince or a Shepherd, God chooses who He wants to use.  Furthermore, Moses learnt that God’s timetable is always perfect.  He is never late, nor never early, He is always on time.

When we have to summarize the accomplishments and strengths of Moses’ Encyclopaedia, i think it is fair to say that he was educated (Egyptian education); he had desert training of life in general; he was the greatest Jewish leader ever and he set the Exodus of the Israelites in motion through God’s command.  Moses was the Lawgiver and a Prophet to the People of God and he received the Ten Commandments from the One and only Living God.  Some people might also want you to believe that Moses was the Author of the Pentateuch but really I am not so sure, because of other scriptures in the Bible… but that is a teaching for another day!

Going through Exo 33 I noticed that Moses has a very special relationship with God especially if you look at Exo 33:11 And the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.  This becomes even clearer that Moses had a special relationship with God and we see that even his countenance changed after being in the presence of God. Exo 34:28 “Moses was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights; he ate no bread and drank no water. And when God wrote on the tables the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments”; the face of Moses supernaturally glowed after visiting God and people were amazed (Exo 34).  It was here that Moses gathered information about the Promised Land.  Let us go a little deeper into the “Encyclopaedia” of Moses: the only weaknesses I found in Moses were that he did not always recognize the talents of others; and therefor he didn’t give many a chance to do something.  Due to his disobedience he was not permitted to enter into the Promised Land.

On the positive side; we see Moses not just as a Leader but as one who was obedient to God (most of the time).  This is very important in today’s life in the global church of Jesus to have Leaders who are obedient to God. It is important to develop a habit of obedience towards God.  As it is in life in general some people just cannot stay out of trouble and Moses had his hands full to help them and set things right.  It seems he had a mind-set that all things should be “right” all the time.  Even when the Israelite’s accused Moses of doing things wrong, he still tried to make things right (even through unjustified attacks of his personality and his actions).  Many instances we see him trying to set things right between the Israelite’s when they fought and argued with each; and also when quarrels between the Israelite’s started which involved God. Many Israelite’s told Moses on different occasions they were not happy with where God was taking them and they wanted to go back to Egypt.  Moses was the go-between and stood in the gap for the Israelite’s many times.  Can you imagine the responsibility and challenge it must have been for Moses to walk through an unknown desert with more than two million people?  Would you have been able to do it? Think about it for a moment.

In Moses I see an outstanding “Encyclopaedia” shaped by the Hand of God alone. Moses was also a Teacher who prepared Joshua to take over from him in Numb 27.  We see a great explanation of Moses in Deu 34:10 “And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face, Deu 34:11 [None equal to him] in all the signs and wonders which the Lord sent him to do in the land of Egypt–to Pharaoh and to all his servants and to all his land, Deu 34:12 And in all the mighty power and all the great and terrible deeds which Moses wrought in the sight of all Israel”.  Through these three scriptures we can see how much Moses meant to God and to the people.  Imagine… God saw him face-to-face! Even so, God is much more superior, and also Jesus Christ is much more superior to Moses according to Heb 3:2 “[See how] faithful He was to Him Who appointed Him [Apostle and High Priest], as Moses was also faithful in the whole house [of God]”. Heb 3:3 “Yet Jesus has been considered worthy of much greater honor and glory than Moses, just as the builder of a house has more honor than the house [itself]”.

Many people seem to have the idea that if you are a child of God you should wait until God has “shaped” you into what or who He wants you to be. But this way of thinking is not scriptural.  You should rather trust the Lord to use you just as you are.  Instead of asking God to change you for the better, why don’t you just simple thank the Lord for how He created you, and ask Him to use you for His glory just the way that you are.  Imagine using the wisdom, strength, skills, and abilities that you already have to the advantage for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.  Instead of asking for more or for change, why don’t you just simply make a decision that you already have what it takes, and trust the Lord to use you in the way He created you, because He has already given you all the spiritual gifts you might need to succeed in life (Eph 1:3).

Moses was used as an example of faith in the book of Hebr 11 and he was of such significance that he was also mentioned in Matt 17 on the mountain of Transfiguration where Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus; Moses representing the Old Law and Elijah representing the Old Prophets (Luk 9:29); even though Moses himself was also a Prophet.  Although I myself have a total other explanation as to why Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus on the Mountain and it has nothing to do with Prophets or Laws… but join the Kingdom Bible College then you can learn much more.  Have a look for instance at the following scriptures, which proves what the veil of Moses represents:

2 Co 3:14 “In fact, their minds were grown hard and calloused [they had become dull and had lost the power of understanding]; for until this present day, when the Old Testament (the old covenant) is being read, that same veil still lies [on their hearts], not being lifted [to reveal] that in Christ it is made void and done away. 2 Co 3:15 Yes, down to this [very] day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies upon their minds and hearts. 2 Co 3:16  But whenever a person turns [in repentance] to the Lord, the veil is stripped off and taken away. 2 Co 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (emancipation from bondage, freedom). 2 Co 3:18 And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; [for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit”.

I have often wondered if the punishment that God gave Moses was not too harsh but then at the end, who am I to question God’s decisions.  Sometimes we as people make the mistake to want to tell God how to do things and when to do things. Look at Num 20:12 “And the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, because you did not believe in (rely on, cling to) Me to sanctify Me in the eyes of the Israelite’s, you therefore shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them”.  Do you think that was too harsh?  I don’t really want to ask this question because there is a reason why God does things and in the way He does things (His mind is higher than ours); and if He chose not to allow Moses to go into the Promised Land then that is God’s choice and we must accept it.  But what an amazing story about Moses – he truly was a living “Encyclopaedia” who walked with God for years…

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