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UPLIFTING MESSAGE 229 – This too will pass….


Good day all you lovely people,

The last two weeks have been a rush and hard work seeing as we had our Outreach in Rayton on the other side of Pretoria.  It was a week-end full of deliverance, healing, salvation, and so much more.  In the next few weeks i want to go into detail what happened there, but for today I just want to chat a bit.

There was an older saying from people that when something bad happened, they used to comfort and encourage each other saying: “This too will pass”….. Today i was thinking about this saying and I started liking it.  I am now coming into the habit of saying it every time something bad happens.  I just look to God and say: “Father, I know this too will pass, and I stand on 1 Cor 10:13″…..  To me this has become a beacon of Hope because if you take this scripture from God and you believe it, then you undoubtedly know that whatever is happening….ag, well, this too will pass… and i totally understand that some of you are going through very bad things at the moment, but again, i want to encourage you… it will pass.  

Nothing stays the same.  If someone was in a car accident, they will not forever be in hospital, it will become better – see, it will pass.  If you had lost your baby, the pain is real and time will heal you, so again, it will pass, and things will get better.  If you lost a loved one, and you miss them terribly and feel you cannot live without them, believe me, this is not true.  Time heals all wound… even wounds from the heart.  See, it passes…. someone said: “i will die if you are no more here”… and then i thought about that for a moment and i think that person is dim-witty.  How can you confess such a thing?  It is not true that you will just give up the ghost and physically die just because someone else whom you loved, is no longer there!  This is ridiculous!  Of course, you are going to continue living and do the best you can to move on in life.  Pick yourself up again and make a success whether that person is there or not.  You cannot just die because someone you loved are no longer there!  

If I had done something like that, I should have died a few times over.  I have lost a lot of people in my life which I loved, and I still do – whether they are here in flesh or not.  It’s not the issue.  I went through the pain, I went through the tears, I went through the missing, I went through the longing, I went through the anger, I went through the searching… I went through the roller-coast ride of ups-and-downs you go through when someone has left you (and this is spiritually and/or physically) … but alas, I am still here – so guess what…. it was all a case of “this too will pass”.  I want you to hear and understand what i am sharing with you today – “THIS TOO WILL PASS”… these four little words can be the difference in whether you make it in life or not.  It can be the difference between success and failure.  It can be the difference between whether you decide to move on or whether you are going to crawl into a corner and become your worst enemy. 

Many times, in life things happens to us, but what we do with it will give the outcome of whom we are going to be in the future.  I met a lovely lady once who was so friendly, but she had tears in her eyes all the time as you speak to her.  Eventually I asked her what was wrong; and she said her son had died.  I gave my condolences and then asked her how long it has been?  It was what she said, that shocked me… “Fifteen years” she said.  So, her son had been dead fifteen years and she is still crying? Really?  Look, o loved my husband too, and he died twenty years ago, and yes, there are times I miss him if I allow myself to go and open that drawer in the back of my memory closet in my brain…. (but I prefer not to!). If is just unnecessary to bring all that hurt back again, why would you?

So, I asked her what she was missing from her son, and to my surprise she said that she could not even recall his face anymore, unless she looks at the pictures.  So here we have a case of someone that is holding on to a death spirit in her son with everything she’s got, and God had already removed her son’s memory from her, for her not to feel too much pain…  but she refuses to let go!  For a few weeks I worked with her, and helped her to remove all her sons clothing out of his closet (it was still hanging there for 15 years!) … his toys, hobbies, his shoes, his rugby ball, his trophy’s, his everything… I told her to take pictures if she wanted, but to get rid of everything and to let him go… let him go to his resting place! 

After she got rid of everything including the very bed he slept in, I went to go and visit her, and I almost fell on my back when she opened the door.  In front of me was not the old looking, bent-down friendly little woman… but there was a women who was dressed to kill; she had make-up on; she wore nice shoes instead of slippers; she had her hair done;’ there was a twinkling in her eyes as if she had won a lottery.  She was still friendly, but man, this was a totally different woman.  She decided to sell everything and move to the sea.   

What a different character I encountered when I went to say goodbye that day.  There was no bitterness, no anger, no loneliness, no pity, no fear, no doubt about the future, no missing her son, or longing anymore.  She has overcome…. This too did pass…. She was ready to move on with her life!  She was smiling, she was talking non-stop.  She was no longer walking with dreading feet or wearing slippers… the weight that was upon her had lifted.  She had made peace with the fact that her son had gone, and she even told me, she was ready to meet a gentlemen of her own age to spend her last days with…. wow!

You know, when my husband died, I went through the same thing, but within three years I asked God to remove all the pain and hurt, and missing, and longing, and wanting, and whatever… from my spirit.  And after that I got total peace that he was with God and are now in the cloud of witnesses (Hebr 12).  The best thing to do is to get rid of all the clothing; get rid of all his hobbies; get rid of even his car…. Everything that was attached to him must go.  Other wise you will search into eternity for the love that once was there and can no longer be.  I found it easier to just let go and trust God that this too will pass…. And it did.  Someone might argue that you don’t want to get rid of their stuff because it reminds you of them, but i disagree.  They should be in your heart, not in the physical stuff you keep in your house.  I refuse to hang any pictures of my dead husband in my house.  He is gone and i am alive, there is a big difference.  This does not mean that i did not love him, for he was the love of my life, but he is no longer here, and i am… get it!

Today I can think back about my husband, I can softly smile and thank the Lord for the lovely few years we had together and are thankful that my son had a good father for a few years who laid a foundation of strength, humility, wisdom, boldness and humbleness.  What more could I have asked for? 

So you see, my dear friend, whatever is happening to you right now, believe me, this too will pass….. let it go.   Just let it go.  Trust me… this too will pass.    


UPLIFTING MESSAGE 228 – Fly, demons, fly…!


Good day lovely children of God, and it is good to be back from our Rayton Outreach on the other side of Pretoria.  What an amazing time we had in the presence of God!  The Lord was faithful as ever! I also want to thank our RELIEF TEAM from TRT, Brother Kobus, Sisters Linette, Sandra, Dorothy and Hettie for all their hard work and support, loyalty and assistance during this Outreach.  I must also thank Ps. Stanley, his lovely wife Teddy, and other members of his team who helped during this victorious Outreach.  Brother Israel assisted with wonderful Worship and we give God all the glory for His presence poured out upon us.

It is true what the Bible says: When the devils comes to you as one, he will flee from you as seven! I must tell you, i literally saw demons flying out the Tent where we had the meeting, right in the middle of the most dangerous area in Rayton.  This area is invested with demonic activities: there are wittchcraft spirits, sangoma’s operating, devils of sickness, water & mammy spirits, afflictions, and diseases roaming around.  Also spirits of fighting, killing, anger, destruction and stealing.  Another area of demonic activities is doubt, fear, people who are in bondage due to addictions, etc.  Many of them are influenced by devils of pride, self-righteousness, and loss of loved ones or rejection from fiends or families.  Many demons are operating in children from a young age and they are the principalities of the air; the darkness roaming freely because there is no light in that area; and also princes of darkness trying to destroy lives by leaving thoughts of failure, unsuccessful businesses, no success in life, marriage failures; children who are addicted to drugs, and young ones attached to satan himself because he has taken a hold of them and made a blood covenant with these children.

When we arrived on Friday night the Spirit of God already started moving and i saw many demons leaving those who were oppressed and subdued under them.  God was very faithful and kept us protected under the precious blood of Jesus Christ.  We thank the Lord for His protection; much favor and giving a chance for some to give their hearts to the Lord to receive the gift of salvation.  They were made new creatures in the eyes of God once they made the decision to come to Jesus.  We give God all the Glory for what He has done in Rayton.  Africa must be saved, and we have to go to places like these to get the people delivered from the demonic activities that is trying to destroy their lives.

At one time i saw a demon in the back of the tent as i was looking in the spiritual realm and the next moment it was right in front of the Tent moving in front of the people.  I grabbed my camera and took pictures, not thinking that it would be seen on the camera, but did it anyway.  By the next day when we were going through the pictures the demons could literally be seen on the photo’s… what an amazing God!  The face of the demonic thing is seen; as well as two or three other pictures of people with demons around them.   Watch this page tomorrow for pictures.

After the heavy work we did in Rayton over the week-end, God gave us such a blessing.  We were booked into a Safari Lodge for the few days to rest well and enjoy the summer sun.  But more about that in my next uplifting Message.  For now i want to let you know that you would be able to see the pictures i took with my camera.  There were some demons visible on the camera pics that came out when we looked at the pictures afterward.  How amazing is that!  The God that we serve, also allow our camera’s to go into the spiritual dimension!  These pictures will be uploaded from tomorrow during Office Hours, and will be on our Blog and Website (soon coming!).  You can find them on the Blog under the CHURCH EVENTS page.

May i make use of this opportunity to bless each of you, and encourage you to stay with Jesus.  Do not allow the devil to get the upper-hand over you, and do not open a door for him.  He is a liar, a thief and a destroyer.  Stay with Jesus and make the Holy Spirit the focus of what you do every day, then you will stay in line with God’s Word.  May God bless you richly and keep you protected under the Blood of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I want to encourage you all to read the Book of the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament during these few days remaining of November – what an amazing Book it is! Enjoy! Shalom!

Ps. Nomsa






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