Good day lovely people of the world,

It’s been a long time since i had chance to write to you, being that we were creating our Web-site and are now in the final stages to launch before year-end.  I am exhausted and happy at the same time!  Creating a Web-site from scratch is really not the most difficult thing to do, but it is time-consuming.  Especially if you want to make sure there is enough reading on there for your visitors when they explore your site the first time.  You must have at least a few pages of interesting things for your readers to keep them busy with.  We didn’t want to start the web-site and have no interesting facts on there.  So, finally we are now at the end of the line.  And hopefully we can launch before the beginning of the new year!

2020 is going to be my best year ever!  It is the beginning of many great years of favor and greatness, much grace and mercy from God.  I am expecting a huge increase in our subscribers, viewers, readers, finances, members, growth, etc…. almost everything that we do is going to explode into greatness.  I am convinced that 2020 is the beginning of stepping into my destiny – the destiny that God pre-destinated for me (Eph 1) before i was even born (Psa 139).  I also want to wish every one of you a very blessed last few days of 2020; and trust the Lord to bless and keep you and may you all have a very prosperous and exciting new year.   My wish for  you is that your year 2020 will be exciting; effortless; magical; full of providence; healthy (with good health); full of abundance of grace; and with much favor from God.

Of course i am speaking forth (confessing) by faith for you and for me.  I am trusting God to see it through (the things i believe Him for), and this is called Faith.  To believe in the things unseen…. correct?

So, as i was sitting here thinking what to talk about, i realized the last few days are what you call those “in-between” days.  You are in-between resting and working; you are in-between sleeping and being awake; you are in-between eating much or eating lees for the new year; you are in-between being busy or being lazy; you are in-between spending time with family or not at all…. and the list can continue on and on.  These in-between days are so “nonchalant” sometimes… for others they could be “irrelevant”…  Many people are just enjoying the holidays and do not want to come back home.  Others are getting irritated where they are and cannot wait to get back home.  Strange how people differ from one person to the next.

I am on holiday but i am home – the best holiday ever.  I can sleep late, eat when i want to, rest when i want to, visit when i want to, ignore family if i feel like i want to be alone; i can do nothing !…nothing!  This is why leave is so precious to me, because i am in my element, in a safe place, in a place i know, and feel welcome, and feel attached to.  Nobody can tell me what to do in my own home….. there are no rules here! … and no-one has the right to come around without my permission.  People know i am on leave and they have to respect that.  I work hard during the year, and appreciate it when i am being left alone so that i can do what i want to do.  And alas, even this is sometimes just a dream, because already there had been 5 different families crying for help and for food parcels in the last week since i have been on leave.  And even though i want to let everyone know: please leave me alone, i deserve my rest… i still cry in my heart for these people knowing they are battling.  So what must i do…. ?  If i ignore them, i am going against everything i believe in and stand for…..and trust me, my beliefs are better than “New Year’s Resolutions”…. have you noticed how those never last…?  Who makes those anyway?  Most of the time it is a “hope” that you will succeed in something you could not succeed in during the last five year’s, so what makes this year so different?

No, i do not believe in New Years Resolutions – i believe in working for what i want in life, and i trust God to give me what i deserve.  For He always knows better than us!  Capiche?  Now, let me talk about the “New Year’s Planner” that is already written out hanging on the wall in the study… how many people do you think actually keep to those “planners”…?  I know that i have tried it for many years, and in the church where we work with so many different things and people, it is almost impossible to keep to a planner for the whole year.  There is new changes almost every day! And we can plan however much we want to, if God does not want us to do that or go there, it ain’t gonna happen!  This is learnt in the last few years of my Ministry.  Don’t plan too much ahead of time, because you never know when and where God is going to direct you into another place or time, or let you do something different or something new! So, i guess, Planners are out the window for me!  Which makes me almost like “free spirited person” doing what i need to do, when i feel it is the right time to do it… as long as i am guided and directed by the Holy Spirit.

And this brings us to my final issue i was wondering about – New Year’s… Oh, i think i can talk must about the New Year, but being as it is that so many people celebrate the New Year in different ways, i actually are the opposite.  Whether you believe me or not – i really don’t like celebrating a New Year.  Yes, of course it brings new challenges, and new success stories, and new events and adventures… but to me, it’s just another day. Many people have said:  Be happy, it’s the start of a “New Season”!… But you know what – For me, i can decide to make the 1st of every month a “New Season”…! So i can have twelve good new Season’s in the Year, where you only celebrate one!  So, i ask you, who is the more clever one…ha ha ha ha….

Having said all these things, i just wonder how many people out there would agree with my ideas of Yearly Planner’s, Resolutions and New Year’s… how about you? Doesn’t it make you think just a little? …mmmm because if it does, and i have really given you something to ponder about, then i have not wasted my time in writing this post, have i now?

Shalom, I love you all

Ps. Nomsa