Good day all you beautiful children of God, 

First we thank you for your Patience with the few Posts currently, since we are working very hard to get our Web-site up and running, hence less time for the Blog nowadays. 

So, what is coming?  Let us tell you…….  

We have created the WEB-SITE for the church so that all the Church Items which is currently on the BLOG; can be moved to the Web-site; For instance Devotionals, Prayers, Did you Know?; Kingdom Treasures, Church Events, the Kingdom Bible College, Life Quotes, Bible Names and Characters, and all such things are moving to the Web-site…. everything that has to do with the Church will be moved over.  

And all Ps. Nomsa’ personal writings can remain on the Blog. This will be the following pages only:
Jesus Diary, Enlightenment Page, Uplifting Messages, Dream-books, and other Spiritual Books by Ps. Nomsa. 

From the beginning all the Church items and Ps. Nomsa’ writings was all together on the BLOG.  But now we are splitting them, so you can read her Personal stories on her BLOG alone; and if you want to read anything or see anything with regards to the Church, you can go into the TRT Church Web-site.

We trust you will understand why it was necessary to split the two different personalities, if we can call it as such.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  

We are hoping to Launch the Web-Site by the next week, so we can continue posting on the Web-site everything that has to do with the Church.

May God bless you. Shalom 

TRT Church