Please remember:  

  1. You can join the Kingdom Bible College ANY TIME of the year, it doesn’t have to be in the beginning of the year if you are just studying for spiritual Growth.
  2. If you are interest in getting your “Bachelors in Ministry” or to do the full Three-Years for your Certificates/Diplomas it is advisable that you join in January of a year. 
  3. TRT Kingdom Bible College is a Correspondence College; which means You do the studies in the privacy of your own home, on your own time.
  4. The Registration Fee is a ONCE-OFF Fee to be paid – Only R300-00 (SPECIAL till End December 2019)
  5. You buy Chapters (minimum of one per month) at a cost of ONLY R100-00 per chapter. 
  6. You can only buy a Maximum of two chapters per month. 
  7. You will receive your Chapters after we received payment thereof.
  8. Chapters are different sizes; varying from 20 pages to 54 pages per chapter.  (Almost like a BOOK to study)
  9. You have to present an Essay or Task during every Quarter to qualify for Exams at the end of the Year. 
  10. There are 3 Quarters per year (consisting of Four months each)  … Jan-Apr;  May-Aug;  Sep-Dec.
  11. From time to time you can listen to some of the Kingdom Bible College Teachings at our church presented by Prophetic Teacher Nomsa or other Teachers.

We guarantee that this Kingdom Bible College will help you

to grow immensely in your spiritual walk with Christ. 


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